Open Beta for “The Crew” Starts Today, Download Now

Ubisoft The Crew

If you really want to experience a different kind of racing game on Xbox One which doesn’t get you just racing tracks, its time to power up your PS4 and Xbox One and start download “The Crew” from Ubisoft which gets into open beta today, Tuesday November 25, 9am. You can play through this week till Friday November 28, 9am (Central ...

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BES 12 Client Now Availble for Windows Phone

BES12 Client Windows Phone

BlackBerry introduced BES12 this February, during MWC 2014,  to help companies when it comes to Enterprise Mobility. During the announcement, iOS®, Android™ and BlackBerry 10 was supported with future promise for Windows Phone. Today we have been tipped that the client is available for Windows Phone as well making it possible for enterprises to integrates employees carrying windows phone with the ...

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TrueDialer gets Your Favorite T9 Dialer on Windows Phone

True Dialer for Windows Phone

Searching by number is still one of my favorite feature which I had used  on previous phones, specially those keypad based phone. There are two great usage of this, one it makes it easy to find if a number is already stored, in real time and second, many of you remember numbers by heart, this just makes it really easy. ...

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Lumia 535 to be Announced in India on 26th November

Lumia 535 India Launch

Lumia 535 is the second most awaited phone and its expected to perform as well as the legendary Lumia 520. The device was announced on November 11th. While we did not expect the Indian launch to be that quick, but an invite from Microsoft says other wise.  Lumia 535 is going to be announced in India on November 26th. The ...

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Treasure Tag can be used to Take Selfies with Lumia Selfie App


Nokia had released the Treasure Tag accessory early this year at the Mobile World Congress and we also did a detailed review of the accessory. It is a Bluetooth enabled accessory which stays connected with your phone all the time. This device can be tagged to anything like keys, bags or placed into something like a suitcase or in the ...

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Multiplayer Comes to Angry Birds Go! Get Your Flock Ready

Angry Birds Go Multiplayer

I am not a big fan of Angry Birds Go! because of the waiting time, but it seems Rovio might just change that with its latest update. Rolled out for Windows Phone Store,  you can now assemble a team with your friends and knock out rival crews with the multiplayer support. The game is 3-on-3 which sounds decent enough. However, ...

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