Microsoft Revamping Wallet for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Wallet Update

If I have to name some of the most unused feature on Windows 10 Mobile & Windows Phone, then its going to wallet, at least for our region it remained useless. Except for making sure that App purchases can be locked I didn’t find a reason to visit it often. Looks like Microsoft is up to improve it with new features. Reported ...

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Cortana Offers Six Features Native to Indian Consumers

Cortana India Features

Cortana is one of the most powerful features in Windows 10 has now grown a lot in India. Microsoft is working hard to bring the native integration so the Indian consumers feel home, and here are six such features you should know about: Local Trends & Sentiments Indians love Bollywood, Golgappa & Cricket. Microsoft has threaded these small things in ...

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14342 is Now Available for Insiders

Keeping at it par with Windows 10 PC rollouts, Microsoft today has started rolling out Build 14322 for Windows 10 Mobile users as well. This particular build is available for Insiders who are on fast ring, and will only get to regular consumers with Anniversary Update which is expected in July. This time Microsoft has included three more devices which ...

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Microsoft Starts Merging Xbox Store and Windows Store

Microsoft announced sometimes earlier that it will be merging the Xbox One Store and the Windows Store, and will also be rolling out Windows 10 for Xbox in coming days. The next big update for Windows 10, the anniversary update is expected to to bring this change, and the first signs have started appearing. OneTile.RU reports this, and also managed ...

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