Create Folders in Windows Phone : Homebrew Tool

Tool for Folder for Windows Phone

As the number of apps increase the length of your start menu and time to scroll down increases which makes every user curious, specially from Windows to have Folders which allows them to organize their apps into categories which is already there in iOS and featured in ICS Android. Now there is no official solution but a homebrew tool, Folders,  from Windows ...

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Nokia Lumia 800 To Get Internet Connection Sharing Feature In 2012

Update : A bit late but finally Lumia 800 and 710 has the Internet Sharing with 8773 Update. Check it out here,  and if you havent got the udpate, you can manually force updating using this tutorial. One of the highlighted features of Windows Phone Mango was that like Android and iOS, WP7.5 Mango running phones could also tether their ...

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Nokia Lumia Amazing Marketing Plans for India

Yesterday at Delhi Nokia gave out an Xbox with Kinect to every person who bought a Lumia 800 and now ET discloses Nokia’s plan of exhaustive marketing which might make Lumia a success even though it is priced pretty high in comparison.  Till now we have received good feedback on the Battery which lasted for 36 hours for some and Nokia has planned updates very frequently ...

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Create Themes for Windows Phone : Homebrew Tool

Native Theme support for Windows Phone ( Mango) is restricted to Colours and what comes by default with no option to allow custom image for apps you want or the default apps like Phone Calls etc. Though this is good for one reason that you might not get  that accurate result when doing yourself but then thats where Devs comes ...

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Microsoft Launches HealthVault App for Windows Phone

Health Vault Health Info

Seems like Microsoft is on rampage of getting apps one after the other, Right after the Kiectimals for iOS, Skydrive and now its Health Vault which is used to create wallet cards with your emergency medical information for yourself and family members which your doctor can access in a click. The same information now can be managed from your Windows Phone which is released ...

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Microsoft Finally Releases a SkyDrive App For Windows Phone and iPhone

Skydrive for Windows Phone

Microsoft has finally gone ahead and released a native SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone, thus making the company’s cloud storage service sort of complete. Considering the official Dropbox app for WP7 is still under works, this could give Microsoft’s cloud based storage service a nice boost. SkyDrive also offer users more free space (25GB) compared to Dropbox’s 5GB. ...

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WP Lync Available for Download and How to try it

Lync Profile

Finally the most awaited Lync for Windows Phone is available for all corporate who usually get late or meetings or client workshop which virtually removes the requirement for VPN. For those who haven’t heard, Lync is Microsoft solution for Web Meeting which includes voice, audio, MS Office Integration etc which recently is replacing the Live Meeting Platform. Though this is not a competitor to Google Voice ...

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