Battery Status App for Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

If you always hated the Windows Phone battery Icon as it shows nothing but meaningless icon, singularity0821@xdaforum has developed a Battery Status app which displays the left battery power in percentage. Features : Displays Battery Status in percentage for both charging and discharging. Supports Pin to Start menu which displays Battery Status percentage in real time. You can turn on the ...

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Enable Samsung Focus S extra Settings on Other Samsung Phones ( Homebrew )

Samsung Focus S Extra Settings

Windows Phone Samsung Focus S comes along with extra settings which has options to turn on or off Auto Display Intensity, use Key Vibration Feedback and Use Echo Cancellation and these settings has been made available via a XAP file which can be deployed to a developer unlocked phone and you will need to fix the certificate issue also. The XAP file was found by clfosk@xdaforum inside ...

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Xbox 720 to get Windows 9, Zune Hardware, Less Costly and Sleeker

Next Version of Xbox rumored code named loop, according to MS Nerd, will get a modified version of Windows 9 and will use a Zune HD Like Hardware Platform which means your next Xbox will occupy less space will be sleek and who knows might get cheaper also. The hardware should be ARM based as we are already getting ready for Windows 8 to ...

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Video: Spotify App comes to Windows Phone

Spotify App for Windows Phone

One of the most awaited app, Spotify App ( Mango Updated ) has finally come to Windows Phone , though I dont see it on Market Place or on Spotify Mobile Page yet but WinRumors team was able to grab the video at the New York Event  happening now at the backstage. If you are not aware,  Spotify gives you access ...

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Why Camera became optional in Windows Phone Spec

It’s because Microsoft want to get Windows Phone adopted by corporations and government agencies where camera phones are more of security concern than just fun stuff. In many IT Firms many managers felt that some codes which are proprietary can be easily taken out using a cam and since the device is so common catching anybody will be difficult. Another reason ...

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Tango Works on Windows Samsung Phones without Front Camera

Tango, a cross video call  platform that is yet to hit the Windows Phone but one of the developers at XDA Forum has successfully ported it and it now works on Samsung Mobiles even without having a front camera. It uses the Back Camera Instead. After unlocking my Samsung Focus with Chevronwp7, I deployed it to my Samsung Focus and ...

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SoundHound for Windows Phone Available

Soundhound Main

If you had always missed a better way to search music which somebody sitting next you is listening or one that you can only hum and not sing because you don’t remember the lyrics, Soundhound App for Windows Phone is available now. If you aren’t aware Soundhound is a an instant music search and discovery and it can detect the music as quick as in four-second. ...

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Nokia Pulse comes to Windows Phone and Symbian

Nokia Pulse is a Private Conversation tool which you can use along with your friends and family without exposing anything to the public world. It also includes Adding Photos, Tagging, Check in to Locations like nearby restaurants. There is already a Web Version and now we have App for Windows Phone and Symbian Phones also. For older Nokia Phones like Series 40 it’s still under development. I ...

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