Radio Controlled becomes Metroish and brings Driving Mode

Radio Controlled, one of the popular Pandora App, we covered sometimes back, is coming up with some major changes which is making it more Metroish!!. We had  been doing beta test with the dev and lot of hard work there. Now Playing looks much better now because it picks up the background from the current song and also you can swipe around ...

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Vimeo App For Windows Phone Released!

Vimeo, a popular online community about sharing videos, has just released its mobile app for Android and Windows Phone. The company has been offering a native iOS app for quite sometime now, and an Android version was long over-due. The Windows Phone version does come as a surprise, but proves that more developers are now taking the WP eco-system seriously. ...

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Which Windows Phone Panorama App to Choose ?

Auto Panorama

Today we did app review of  Pano and what we thought to be the one of a kind Panorama App for Windows Phone and even though the app is very impressive and does good job but searching thereafter, we found AutoPanorama which made us think that why Pano App for WP costs 2.99 $. Version in Comparison : Auto Panorama 1.5 vs Pano ...

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Pano brings Panoramic shots to Windows Phone Camera

Pano Sample

If you had been missing the ICS Panaormic capture ability on your Windows Phone, Debacle Software’s Pano is now available for Windows Phone which had been already shooting its magic on Android and iOS Market from sometime. This app connects with your camera and lets you take screenshot one after the other which gets stitched at the end so yeah not as cool ...

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State of Windows Phone Update : “Nothing has changed” : Users will know it sooner or later

WP Update Faded

Recent roll out of Windows Phone update to answer bugs like disappearing keyboards etc and then Microsoft’s Announcement that all minor updates will be only rolled out when a carrier requests it has created a big state of bitterness, backfiring and confusion and so much that people like Heathcliff74 had posted on how you can manually update Windows Phone to 7.10.8107. Before you get eager ...

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Scarygirl coming to Xbox and Windows Phone

Scary Girl

Game Section on Xbox Live is just getting sexier and awesome and this time is ScaryGirl from TikGames published by Square Enix is bringing the adventure of novel based girl to Windows Phone and Xbox 360 and looking the at the graphics, I am just impressed and reminds me of Bastion, one of the best Indie Games I have played till now. ...

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WP7 Updates Now To Be Rolled Out On Network Operator’s Request!

Bad news Windows Phone 7 users! Microsoft has announced via their official Windows Phone Blog that they won’t be detailing software updates individually according to the country, phone model and carrier detail on their Where’s My Phone Update? site. This announcement might not affect WP7 users that much, as the other one is going to. The second announcement from Microsoft ...

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Upload Multiple Office Docs and PDF to Windows Phone from your PC

Office File Upload WP

Thunder_ at XDA forum has developed a Tool for your PC which will help you copying / uploading document directly into your Office Hub of Windows Phone, this is something many of you would love because till now the only solution was to send it via email or use dropbox like clients. This tool will let you upload or copy multiple ...

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