Biz Cars helps you Record Trips and Fuel (Windows Phone)

Biz Cars

BizCars App for Windows Phone is one of the simplest, yet powerful app, which helps track, what you mostly need to know about your car, One it lets you record all your trips and second it can tell you how fuel efficient your car is if you record each time you fill in gas. How do you use this app ...

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How Snapdragon S4 will improve performance of Windows Phone 8

In the light of recent announcement of Windows Phone 8, and what is coming next, Qualcomm also has come out with detail information on how Microsoft they and have worked together to make Snapdragon S4 Processor work efficiently, securely and be a battery power saver on Windows Phone 8. High Performance & Low Power : S4 has both, CPU & ...

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7 Lesser-Known Features Coming To Windows Phone 8

Data Smart in Windows Phone 8

We already are very excited about Windows Phone 8 after the announcement made yesterday,  but Paul Thurrott has posted a bunch of few more features that are coming to WP8 and looking at it, it seems they are sound enough to be shared. So here is a list of points from his lengthy post. Data Smart : Windows Phone 8 ...

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More About WP8 – OEMs, OTA Updates, Software Support and More!

Along with the major 8 New Platform features in WP8, Microsoft also provided users with more information about Windows Phone 8. The company announced the first bunch of OEM partners and SoC that will be used in the next-generation WP8 handsets. While Samsung, Nokia, Huawei and HTC will be releasing a WP8 based phone later this year, they will all ...

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Windows Phone Marketplace Finally Crosses The 100,000 Mark; Draw Something Coming Soon!

A few weeks ago many Windows Phone blogs reported that the WP marketplace finally has more than 100,000 apps. Sadly, one Microsoft spokesperson later confirmed that the marketplace is still a few thousand apps short of reaching the  100,000 app milestone. Today, Microsoft confirmed at the Windows Phone Summit that the Windows Phone Marketplace finally has more than 100,000 applications. The WP ...

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8 New Platform Features In Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit just kicked off and the company has announced some interesting stuff. The Redmond company’s first major announcement was the ‘Shared Windows Core’. This means that the file system, kernel, graphics and many other low-level stuff will be shared among Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows RT, thus making the life of developers easier. It will ...

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Money Wallet for Windows Phone Updated to Support Dropbox, Change Account Details and Themes

Crash Report Money Wallet

Money Wallet, is one of the most powerful and feature rich application when it comes to managing financial account. We did out initial review here and the app was recently updated again. Below are the major changes. Feature to change account details when importing from QIF.From this moment when importing from QIF you can edit account details before they will ...

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