XDA Forum user hacks to Enable A2DP BT Protocol on WP7 for Video

A2DP Playback Key

In simple words it means that using the hack you will be able to listen to audio of videos like on YouTube or a video on your windows phone stored in your sd card when connected to the Bluetooth headphones which are restricted only for making hands-free calls. This has been tested and said to be working already on Samsung Omnia 7, HTC HD 7, ...

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Transfer Sentient from WP to XBox 360 ( Genesis )

Fusion Sentient allows you to transfer your robots or sentient from Windows Phone to Fusion Genesis  in your Xbox 360 Account if you are using same gamer tag in both the games.  This is useful if you have really high level sentient on your WP game and you are lagging around in Genesis.  Below is a video on how you can do that, then followed ...

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WP 7.5 Updates coming to Samsung Focus 1.4 ( At & T )

WP Update 7740

Finally the most disappointed Samsung Focus users holding 1.4 version instead of 1.3 will be getting the Mango Update but it is still limited to AT & T users. This is getting rolled out as you read so keep your phone connected to Zune or keep an eye for the update notification. Though if you are in a hurry you can try the “Take ...

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Nokia Music App For Lumia Handsets Updated; Adds Mix Radio Feature

Personalized Mix Radio

Still basking in all the positive response the Lumia 800 handset is getting from critics and other reviewers, Nokia has just released an update for the Nokia Music app found on the Lumia handsets.   The updated version of the app now includes Nokia’s recently unveiled MixRadio service, and also an improved version of Gigfinder. For the unknown, Mix Radio is ...

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Indian Rail Guide Now Available On The WP7 App Store; Allows you To Check PNR status and more

WP Ticket PNR Check

If you are in India and hate going to website or calling the Station numbers to find Train Status or PNR of your ticket, for Windows Phone users now have an app, Indian Rail Guide, for that. This app works exactly the same as the official Indian Railway Website does but this is much easier when your don’t have a computer around or using browser on ...

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Cyclops Ballz : Video Review WP Games

Cyclops Ballz Dodge Balls

If you love games where you need to swipe your fingers a lot to hit objects then Cyclopz Balls is one to one game where you can do that lot. In this game you play against a player in arena and hit a ball trying to pass across your competitors post, something like football but playing with your hands. How to Play This Game ? ...

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Enable Hidden Features in Zune Pass Australia

Zune Pass is going to open up in Australia  but it seems according to some forum members at XDA it still not availble for everybody. The Music + Video thing is still missing in Zune so  if you want to get it activated it like right now,  Chris Walsh has written down a hack which lets you do that and also ...

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Xbox giving away Anniversary Avatar Props for free

Xbox Anniversary Props

While Xbox is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, it is also giving out stuff for free specially for those who love to edit their avatar and dress them up at every event or festival. So if you are celebrating Xbox Anniversary along with all of the Xbox Fans, you need to grab the avatar prop for free and if you want just the audio ...

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