URL Shortener for Windows Phone 8

Today, when we share links on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, we seldom use the full URL. Further remembering long URLs are not easy task especially when using mobile phones. URL Short is a freeware app for Windows Phone 8 which allows you to shorten your long URL and share it to social networks. This URL (web address) service ...

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ProShot Camera App for Windows Phone 8

Recently we had covered an awesome camera app for Windows Phone 8, Camera Pro. Here is yet another featured Camera app for Windows Phone 8- ProShot. The developer of the app claims that it is the first Windows Phone 8 Lens specifically designed for the photography professionals. The app has a pretty good interface for the camera unlike the default ...

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View & Download HD Wallpapers for WP8 from Bing, Flickr, Picasa, 500px, FFFFound and Instagram

das image Wallpapers

das Image is a Windows Phone App which searches Bing, Flickr, Picasa, 500px or Instagram for high-resolution wallpaper which you can view and then save it on your phone. You can then use picture library as lockscreen app to randomly use them as wallpaper.  What is so unique about this app which differentiates it from other wallpaper app is the strong integration with  the above mentioned services, ...

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Windows Phone 8 & 7.x App Development Design Cheat Sheet

Windows Phone comes with a an unique user interface when compared to other mobile phone OS and features metro UI. It is necessary that the apps developed also follow the same design criteria and for this there are developer tools. But in case you are designing and developing apps for Windows Phone 8 or 7.x devices, then here is a ...

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Weave News Reader for Windows Phone 8

If you are a person who loves to get updated with the latest new on the go on your phone, then you should be trying the Weave News Reader for Windows Phone 8. Weave News Reader is an awesome news reader, which now supports Windows Phone 8 and comes loaded with nearly 200 high-quality news sources. Customize it by choosing ...

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Note+ : Create Text Notes using Voice on Windows Phone 8

Note Plus Create Notes

Even though OneNote in Windows Phone 8 is the best note taking app but it lacks voice integration which allows one to converted spoken words into text. One can argue that it does allow to store voice as attachment but if you have lots of them you might start getting worried about space. So today we are introducing you to Note+ which keeps ...

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