AT&T Mobile transfer App for Windows Phone is Here

ATT Mobile Transfer Download

This is one step close to Transferring data from one mobile to another mobile when you switch, and no it’s not Microsoft Windows Phone that has done it, this time its AT&T, which has introduced, this service to help users migrate from one phone to another phone. I honestly wish someday Zune will provide the right kind of migration. This ...

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Gameplay : Wreckateer : Angry Birds like Xbox Kinect Game


Wreckateer is a Xbox Live Arcade game which is pretty similar to the concept of Angry Birds. In this game, a person has to use Kinect to control a Ballista using hand & body gesture to destroy Castles, Walls and Towers. This game is published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Iron Galaxy. Looking at the video, it seems to ...

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Endomondo App for Windows Phone gets a major facelift

Endomndo Pause Screen

Endomondo is one the most popular service for tracking sports activity, which was available, for Windows Phone for sometime but in its recent update, the app has received a significant overhaul when it comes to user interface and features along with the feature set. In fact, its much better than the Android App which I tried it on my Nexus ...

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SilverDict : Multiple Offline Dictionary App for Windows Phone

SilverDict Offline Dictionary App for Windows Phone

This goes to all those who had been looking for a Dictionary App for Windows Phone, which works without, consuming a lot of  bandwidths or just want to have an app which work without internet connection. SilverDict, which appeared on the XDA forum couple of days back, is pretty decent app, which lets you, search a word over several dictionaries. ...

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