Add Measurement data on Images : Measure Note

When it comes to expressing dimensions on an image its pretty tough to do unless you can tag it with construction data on it. One way is to take images and then do it manually on your computer, but there are very few tools which can do that. Measure Note for Windows Phone by Pascal Fresnay is one of those ...

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Official Box App For Windows Phone Released; Announces Partnership With Qualcomm

While Windows Phone still does not have an official Dropbox client, it does have Microsoft’s in-house cloud service – SkyDrive – to fulfill the cloud storage needs of WP7 users. Now, joining SkyDrive is another popular cloud storage service – Box. The company has released its official Box app for Windows Phone that brings all the functionality present in the Android and ...

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Nokia Drive Update Adds My Commute, Automatic Day/Night Mode and More

Nokia Drive My Commute

Nokia has rolled out a new update for its Nokia Drive application, available for the Lumia phones, that brings with it quite a bunch of new features and enhancements. My Commute : Firstly, the update brings ‘My Commute’ that will automatically learn from your driving preferences and then use the latest traffic information to provide quickest route to your most ...

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GateGuru App for Windows Phone brings Airport Maps & Details

GateGuru Airport

When traveling a lot on air, you must be feeling the need of map for every airport you visit, which is little more convenient, than looking at the maps on the air port or wasting more time in finding a shopping mall or even a deal. GateGur App for Windows Phone solves all of these problems with their application. If ...

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