RapDialer : The Perfect T9 Dialer you been looking for Windows Phone

RapDialer for Windows Phone

The Phone dialer on Windows Phone, though satisfies many, is still dumb in the sense that you don’t have a true dialer functionality over there. So, to start with,  if you want to search a name using the combination of numerical and alphabetic keyboard, it cannot be done with this. We picked up this app, RapDialer,  which combines the power ...

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MetroPaper : Read it Later app for Windows Phone

MetroPaper Read it later app for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users, looking for a decent app for Read It Later service, can try out Metro Paper app which to my experience is not only smooth but brings a pleasant reading experience for both text heavy or regular users. After using it for a while, below is my personal experience and suggestion on the app. Download link is at ...

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Tango to bring Internet Sharing to Windows Phone ? Nokia Lumia 610 / 900 already have it.

WIFI Enabled in Lumia 610

This goes for everyone, including myself, who thought Tango or Windows Phone Refresh is all about lowering down Windows Phone features. According to the specification of Nokia Lumia 610, which runs Tango Updated version of Windows Phone, it supports Internet Tethering, as reported by WMPU. Lumia 610 was announced at MWC 2012 which has 256MB of RAM,  5MP of camera ...

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