List of Xbox Live Games coming to Windows 8 on October 26th

Windows 8 Xbox

We all know Windows 8 is set to announce on October 26th and now Major Nelson has shared the first wave of Xbox Live Games coming to Windows 8. These games will be playable on any Windows 8 PC, laptop, or tablet.  Apart from this,  All Xbox games for Windows 8 will have : Xbox Achievements Leaderboards, Multiplayer modes, and connecting with ...

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CleverPhoto- Photo Editor for Windows Phone

When it comes to editing photos, most of the camera phones have some basic editing options and if you want advanced editing options, there are many apps available on the marketplace. CleverPhoto is one such photo editing app for Windows Phone. CleverPhoto comes with lots of features and has a simple and easy to use interface. In this article we ...

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Video : How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplays

Xbox Video Recording

If you have seen tons of game play videos on YouTube and has always wondered how to get your Xbox 360 Game Play recorded and show it to the world, then today I am sharing how it should be done. Remember this is not a top-secret stuff but if you are new to this, you will love knowing about it. What ...

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Windows 8 Wallpapers for Windows Phone

Windows 8 has one major new feature in terms of start screen. The new start screen has a background color as well as a wallpaper (pattern) associated with it. These patterns are available across multiple colors. Although these wallpaper are not extractable from Windows, the guys at 1800PocketPC has made these backgrounds to fit into Windows Phone.The start screen backgrounds ...

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Keep Wi-Fi Always on in Windows Phone

If you have used Windows Phone, probably you might have noticed that the Wi-Fi connection is disconnected as soon as you switch off the screen. This is not a best feature to have on a smartphone which is connected to Wi-Fi. As a result of this, apps running in the background might use 3G connection to update itself incurring huge ...

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How to change Xbox 360 Strict NAT to Moderate or Open

Xbox 360 NAT type in Game Party

Many a times if you had played online games on your Xbox 360, you might have seen NAT information which could be strict, moderate or open type. For example in Gears of War 3, I have seen this setting when I try to join a game or a party.   What is NAT in simple words ? In a network, ...

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How to stream Music & Video from Windows 8 to Xbox 360 or SMART TV

Windows 8 Media Device Settings

Windows 8 has a feature called as Play To which allows to play Digital Media to any Windows Certified DLNA device like XBOX 360 or a SMART TV which supports this feature. While we have tried connecting to a Windows 7 PC using Media Centre but it was really a painful and longer process because of issues like Firewall and security restrictions, Windows 8 ...

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How to Free up hard disk space on Xbox 360

Xbox Clear System Cache

Many of Xbox 360 gamers have a 4GB hard disk space and as we play different games on Xbox 360, a lot of updates, patches, temporary files are generated. As time passes by, you might not be playing that particular game any more but the space is still occupied. So in this How to series today, we will learn how ...

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