PhotoBeamer app now Available for Windows Phone 7.5

PhotoBeamer is a new, innovative and easy way to show your pictures on any screen. This app is released by Nokia for Windows Phone8 devices (the Lumia range) and now its made available to Windows Phone 7.5 users as well. The benefit of using this app is that you can view your photos from the phone on any large displays ...

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Calculator Toolbox for Windows Phone 8

A good calculator app is useful when you want to do some quick mathematical calculations. Generally the built-in calculator app is basic on all mobile OS and there are no advanced calculations available. Calculator Toolbox is a nice freeware app for Windows Phone 8(supported on WP7.5 as well) which brings in multiple calculators into one app. Calculator Toolbox Free, the ...

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Dropbox and Skydrive Client for Windows Phone- Unifiles

There are many cloud storage services available, but Dropbox and Skydrive are the most popular ones. Although there is an official Skydrive app for Windows Phone,Dropbox does not have the official app. Unifiles is good app to access Skydrive and Dropbox from your Windows Phone. Unifiles has support for multiple accounts of Dropbox and Skydrive and also comes with option ...

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USB Mass Storage in Windows Phone 8 (Copy / Paste files from PC)

Windows Phone 8 USB Drive

Starting with Windows 8, your phone can now be recognized as Portable Player (USB Mass Storage) on a Windows PC. This in turn, gives you access to Mass Storage drive of Windows Phone right in your windows explorer. This makes it lot easier for you copy files in & out of Windows Phone without the need of any application. Steps to enable Mass ...

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How to set up Kid’s Corner on Windows Phone 8

Kids Corner WP8

Most of our phones are used by our kids for playing games or videos and sometimes even for making accidental call, app buying etc. I am sure the later part in the above statement turns to be accidental, but there is no full proof way to keep kids of your personal stuff on the phone or anything else. Windows Phone 8 is the first Mobile ...

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Bluetooth File Transfer in Windows Phone 8 and The Drawbacks

Bluetooth File Sharing WP8

One of the most requested feature in Windows Phone 7 was to transfer files via Bluetooth which Microsoft for some reason did not implement. This resulted in a lot of hacks by developers who came up with their own hack to transfer file via Bluetooth on custom roms. Though this feature is expected to roll in for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8 ...

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Set up Facebook Photos as Lock Screen on Windows Phone 8

Facebook app for Windows Phone hasbeen there for quite long time, but now they updated the app to version 4.0 with lots of performance improvements and also ability to use Facebook photos as your phone lock screen. The new version allows you to select any album from your Facebook account and set it as Lock screen image. Although you can ...

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YouTube app for Kids- Kids Tube

YouTube is one source for all videos on Internet, but for kids not all videos are watchable and needs parental control. Powered by YouTube, KidsTube is a freeware app for Windows Phone with a great interface for safe and clean viewing of videos for children. Parents no longer have to supervise what their children are viewing or what their children ...

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