Features thats new in Xbox Dashboard Update 2012

Xbox Game Ratings

Today Microsoft has started rolling out the new Dashboard update and it looks much better than its last year update because of better placement of features like Recently used items, ability to add apps, games music etc. to Home Section. It also has created a section for Xbox to advertise new upcoming games, all tailored according to your interest. So ...

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FIFA 13 Review for Xbox 360

Fifa 13 Game Play Action

FIFA dominates the sports genre in video games. However, every year there’s a feeling that this might be the year in which EA might slip up. It wouldn’t take much – Just like last year’s FIFA 12, it’s all new defensive systems and player interactions engine felt disruptive but more authentic, and for most of us, that was enough. FIFA ...

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Time Sync brings World Clock Time Converter to Windows Phone

Time Sync for Windows Phone

In Windows, we have the option to add clocks from a different time zone to help us track time which is useful for events, matches or anything else happening around the globe. However, most of us are not near our PC all the time in-fact chances are that you are mobile when there is an event, and you start doing all those maths to confirm ...

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Good at unlocking Xbox Achievements ? Microsoft has rewards for you

Xbox My Achievements

Here is something you will be proud of gathering all those points or game scores (G) you been collecting by unlocking game achievements, clearing levels and being a team leader in your game. Microsoft has launched Xbox Live Rewards or My Achievements program where you will be rewarded with  depending on your game score. So what’s the reward : Contender  (3000 to 9999) : A ...

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