Bing Translator App for Windows Phone gets Offline translation mode and more

Translator Voice Translate

Bing Translator app has now turned down  all the competition for translation apps on Windows Phone by providing a significant update which helps you use the translation feature even without a data connection by providing offline translation. This is made possible by having language pack installed in the app itself. Apart from this it also provides Image to Text Translation ...

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ChevronWP7 Comes To An End; All Unlocked WP Handsets Will Be Re-Locked Within 120 Days!

Bad news Windows Phone jailbreaking community! ChevronWP7, which played a major role in supercharging the development in the WP hacking community, is shutting down. The service allowed hackers and lobbyists to unlock their Windows Phone for only $10 compared to the $99 that Microsoft charges for unlocking any WP device. Yes, by unlocking your device from MS users can publish ...

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AR Drone controlled with a Windows Phone App

WP7 Drone

WP7 Drone, An Open source project controls AR Drone with a WP7 app which is is a controller library and client application for Windows Phone 7.1, written in C#. ( Thanks Justin for Tweeting this ). Below is a video followed by details of the project. Watch on YouTube This project is developed by three students, @JohnBrock12 ( Team lead, GPS ...

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