Doom for Xbox 360 Available : Multi-player and Co-OP

Doom for Xbox

Any computer user who haven’t played doom on his computer must be busy watching lot of movies but if you haven’t and miss that game , it’s now available for Xbox and I am sure it’s going to be one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade game in coming months. If you do not have an Xbox live account, play it single else go Multiplayer ...

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Fenix Rising : Gears of War 3 New Map Pack, Achievements and Skin Packs Available now

Fenix Rising Map Multiplayer

If you are already done with existing maps on Gears of War 3 then Fenix Rising has got five new multiplayer map packs which takes you to complete different level as you will need to use altogether different tactics. This Add on is available on Xbox Live at a price of  800 Microsoft Points or completely free if you are a season pass holder. So If you own Gears ...

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SuperTube The New Must Have YouTube App For Windows Phone

Last month, MetroTube developer announced that the app will be removed from the Windows Marketplace beginning from January 1st due to the lack of APIs from Google. Considering that MetroTube is the only decent YouTube client available for Windows Phone, this was quite a big issue. Now, another YouTube client for Windows Phone is available for users to try – ...

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Delhi Metro Apps for Windows Phone

Delhi metro Paid

If you are Traveler to Delhi and want to move around the city in Metro and asking  routes and fare is bit awkward, then you should grab the Windows Phone App for Delhi Metro which finds routes, calculates fares for you. Infact this is helpful for even regular user if you need to find new routes. So today we have two ...

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Nokia At CES 2012 – A Roundup!

All the major events and announcements at CES are over now. The event this time was all about Ultrabooks, TVs and surprisingly Windows Phone to a certain extent.  All major companies announced their upcoming products and what their strategy will be for this year. Nokia also made quite a few major announcements at CES. First of all, the company announced its ...

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