Kinectimals : First Game that switches between Xbox and WP

Though many of you might have already played Kinectimals, a cute game which lets you train animals and play with them, available for Windows Phone and Xbox but did you notice that if you the game both for xbox and windows phone, you can switch  from Windows Phone to Xbox or vice versa and continue your game there. Here a video that shows how ...

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Nokia Announces MixRadio; Pandora Like Streaming Service For Lumia 800

Nokia has just announced a Pandora like streaming service for their recently released Lumia 800 handset. The new service – MixRadio – will be powered by The Echo Nest music platform. When a user transfers his music collection to his Lumia handset, MixRadio will analyze the library and will then generate custom streaming radio stations tailored for user’s music tastes. ...

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Comparison : Nokia Lumia VS HTC Titan video quality

If you haven’t bought a Windows Phone because you want a good quality video recording option and wondering if you wait for Nokia Lumia or go and buy already available HTC Titan ( both come along with a 8MP camera ) then Plaffo has found a comparison of both the devices where both recordings are done side by side.  The video is created by ...

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Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Released In India

In an event in New Delhi, Nokia India has launched the first “real” Windows Phones in India – the Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800. The company had announced both the handsets just a few weeks ago at the Nokia World. The Lumia range of phones is the result of the Nokia and Microsoft partnership nearly 9 months ago. The ...

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How to Restore and Backup Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

Bacup Windows Phone

As of now there is no official solution available in Zune which allows you to backup and restore your Windows Phone ( WP / WP 7.5 Mango )  phone to a state where it was working.  But good thing is because of support from XDA-Forums members,  hx4700 Killer has developed a custom hack which uses the Zune to backup. Disclaimer : ...

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Windows Phone Screen Recording App

After the screenshot app, the next hack everybody was looking was to record windows phone so nobody has to use their handycam and waste lot of time in conversion and fiinix@xda-forum has done it and named it as WP7 Screen Recording App WP7 Screen Recording App lets you record your actions on Windows Phone in full mode and it can be done ...

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App to Restart / Shutdown Windows Phone

Restart Phone App

Sometimes I have felt rebooting my Windows Phone because I messed things up deploying an app or just too many apps running and I just need to flush everything off to start it fresh the only option is to shut down and then power up again using the power button on right. Though its ok but I would rather loved ...

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Google+ App comes to Windows Phone

Google Plus App for Windows Phone

Looks like finally Google has started understanding the Windows Phone will be one of the top Mobile Phones in coming years and since they are very serious about Google Plus, an embedded version of Google Plus App is available in the Market Place On their App listing, Google Says they are working on a proper app for Google Plus but ...

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Windows Phone App for Banglore Metro Fare, Timing and Route

Namma Banglore Metro App

For travelers planning to visit Banglore ( Bengaluru ) and carrying a Windows Phone now can make use or NammaMetro App which gives you full details on Metro Service in the city.  This will be helpful for planning your visit to different places in the city. The App gives you details on : Fare between stations according to Tokens, Varshik, Sanchar ( ...

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vNESLight lets you play Nintendo Games on Windows Phone

Nintendo Games on Windows Phone

Recently there was lot of drama that happened when couple of Nintendo Games were released in Windows Phone Market place but now this is coming in a legal way in the form of emulator. vNESLight is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator which allows you to add ROM to it and they play the game.  As of now it comes along ...

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