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Phil Spencer on HoloLens — “Mixed-reality” is still the end goal here

Microsoft is betting big with the next iteration of their gaming Console named as “Project Scorpio” which is complete high end solution both in terms of power, and Virtual Reality.  While later is not new for Microsoft as HoloLens came earlier, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, in an interview to AusGamers said

HoloLens, from a long-term business perspective, still remains… well ‘mixed-reality’ is still the end goal here

If you try to decode, its just not about gaming, though its going to be a huge part of it. When it comes to mixed reality, it takes into account a lot of things. Right from gaming to home usage to business applications.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft recently announced that VR is getting into the cores of Windows 10 right after the Creators Update, and Phil Spencer wants to go ‘untethered’. A device which does not need any long wires attached to an expense hardware. Its a futuristic vision that we have seen in Hollywood movies, and it will definitely come to reality as we have seen others before.

A device that can go from fully opaque like we see in current VR to overlaying information in the real-world — I fundamentally believe that’s where we’re going. I’ll also add ‘untethered’ is where we’re going. Like, the fact we’re all going to walk around… I mean, you’ve played all of these right? With cords hanging off the back of your head? It’s cool, I have a Vive, I have an Oculus, I’ll get a PlayStation VR, but the setup is for some specific tech enthusiasts — it’s just not a normal thing to shield myself from the world with a cord hanging off the back of my head and play games. I think it has to evolve, and I love the evolution that is going to happen.

So, I still see a mixed-reality device similar to HoloLens as the final destination, and everything we’re doing in the interim are all great learning opportunities for the industry.

Phil says that the company as of now is only watching how the industry is reacting, and accepting this into different scenarios, specially gaming.

Another important point mentioned in the interview was about bringing PC games to Console, and this is probably why Project Scorpio kicked in. PC gaming is a huge market, and with possibility of upgrading hardware, there are 4K gaming already in existence. With  Project Scorpio, Microsoft wants to handover the same idea to the gamers to come to console.

Aaron Greenberg says about the other major development factor behind Scorpio, as discussed earlier — true 4K gaming on a console. “So there’s a lot of content already to work with. But at this point it’s way too premature to say anything about content or partnerships or anything like that, but I think the ability to have that amount of power in a console — to bring 4K gaming at scale, with a really big audience in the console space, is something we’re really excited about. We’re very deliberate about what we’re building, how we’re building it; what the specs of that product will be

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