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Project Scorpio debuts on the Microsoft Store

The next major upgrade to Xbox One consoles seems to be almost ready. Project Scorpio- which is said to make Xbox One most the powerful console ever built, shows up on Microsoft Store today. You can sign up for updates on the progress right on the Microsoft Store page.

Announced back at E3 in Los Angeles, Project Scorpio will support 4K Gaming, VR and much more. We just reported that you will not need a 4K TV to run Project Scorpio games, read more here.

Project Scorpio MS store

In spite of being listed on the website, you cannot buy the console today. But there is a pre-order button which that doesn’t work yet, meaning you cant even pre-order it. However, you can provide your email id so that you can be notified when its available.

Microsoft has only shared the following information on the website at the moment:

  • The most powerful console ever with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power
  • The first and only console to enable true 4K gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality
  • Compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories

This is just an early preparation from Microsoft and we don’t think Microsoft will launch or reveal the price or take the pre-orders this early. However, it is believed that Microsoft will unveil the price of the system during E3 2017.

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