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Reasons why Nokia Lumia 920 makes a good buy

After the announcement of Nokia Lumia 920, the flagship Windows Phone 8 device, many of you might be curious and confused as well to decide if you should buy a Lumia 920.  If you are using the 1st generation device, like Samsung Focus, upgrading is the best option, but if you are already using Lumia 800 or even 900, I am giving you couple of reasons to think about.

Better Performing Hardware

PureMotion HD+  :  

Using this technology, you will not only be able to read text and view images under bright sunlight, but also you will never use your nose to answer a call because the touch now responses to Glove, Key and Coin Touches. This technology has more pixels than iPhone 4S Retina Display which means you can view crisp images and more content. Read More.

PureView :

Advancing the same PureView technology which came in Nokia 808,  Nokia was able to bring Pureview in 8MP cameras which not only can shoot better pictures in dim or very low light, but also gets you steady videos with almost zero shakes which not even the current smartphones can do. Read More.

Better Audio :

Nokia Lumia 920 uses the new microphone the High Amplitude Audio Capture  which is available in count of three. It uses the Nokia’s rich recording technology which provides full audio bandwidth to match with  human hearing capabilities (20 Hz … 20 kHz) and it can also record high volume like Rock Music, Disco etc, clearly and without ant distortion. More technical details here

Wireless Charging :

Nokia Lumia 920 comes along with inbuilt Wireless Charging hardware using the Qi technology. This means you can charge your phone by keeping it over any wireless charger that supports it.

Nokia has even collaborated with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® cafés across the United States, Virgin Atlantic partner to introduce wireless charging to Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounges. So even if you do not have a wireless charger, you can still charger it with inbuilt Wireless Charging functionality.

Exclusive Apps

Camera Lens Apps :

As shared during the launch time, Nokia will be launching the exclusive Camera Lens Apps which will help you do even more with the awesome camera apps like CC iReport, Bing View, Photosynth etc will let you do even more.

Nokia Offline Maps :  Nokia Drive was the only app to support offline maps for navigation but Nokia Announced that Nokia Maps will support offline maps on Windows Phone 8.  It will support voice guided turn-by-turn pedestrian navigation, augmented reality view, venue maps and direct integration to Nokia Drive to start voice-guided car navigation directly from Nokia Maps.

Nokia Lumia Yello Maps Augment Relaity


Attractive Accessories :

The day Nokia announced Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 it also announced some cool hardware which you will love to have for your Windows Phone.

  • Fatboy® Recharge Pillow DT-901
  • JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker
  • Nokia Purity Pro Stereo Headset by Monster
  • JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900


Nokia Accessories


Windows Phone 8 OS :

I will take this as the last point, as bits of information is only available to us, but since Windows Phone 8 shares the same kernel as Windows 8 OS. This operating system will not only perform very well, but also bring a lot of integration with other Microsoft Service.  Below is a summary of features we know about :

  • Windows Phone 8 updates will be controlled by Microsoft for first 18 months.
  • Deep Skype Integration.
  • Skydrive to get full resolution image upload.
  • Text message backup to Outlook.
  • Faster IE 10 explorer which should have sync support like Windows 8.

Conclusion :

This is one phone I am lusting for because of the features Nokia has brought in with Lumia 920. If I compare this with Samsung Windows Phone 8 ATIV S,  there is nothing Samsung said about it exclusive, and HTC is yet to announce.  Lumia 820, the cousin brother of 920 comes with a lower hardware spec, and Pureview is completely missing.

The downside as of now is the missing price factor which is not available for any of the announced phone. So you can have the final comparison done later but looking at the specs, Lumia 920 beats every phone out there.

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