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Release the “Other” Storage in Windows Phone 8

We had previously covered about one of the main problems facing the Windows Phone, the “Other” category in storage. The Other category takes up enormous storage space for reasons which are not mentioned by Microsoft. We had also covered about a trick on how to reclaim this storage. But now, it seems we wont be need these solutions as a new app has been released for this purpose.

Shrink Storage is a new free app for Windows Phone 8, which allows you to clean up the other storage using a trick. It fills up the remaining storage and then cleans it up. So how does it work exactly?

Shrink StorageShrink Storage0Shrink Storage1

This App tries to reduce this storage with the following trick:

  • It completely fills your internal storage
  • Then you restart your phone
  • This will release some storage from the phone automatically
  • Now in the final step, remove filled storage manually using this App

Many users have mentioned that the app was able to release some amount of space. The result (gained free storage) will differ from phone to phone. There’s no guarantee that Windows Phone will free some storage. Usually, it does when you use this App for the first time.

So for the time , Microsoft releases a solution, this app should come handy.

Download Shrink Storage

Shrink Storage
Shrink Storage
Developer: Manu Bauer
Price: Free

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