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Review: UC Browser for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone comeswith the default browser as Internet explorer and with the release of WP8, a new version of IE10 was shipped. Although IE10 has many improvements in speed, it is not a fully featured browser. This is where UC Browser comes handy, it is free and one of the best web browsers available for Windows Phone 8. UC browser has been update for WP8 and comes with many additional features like Rotation Lock, smart download, incognito mode, speed dials, QR code scanning etc.

The first thing you notice when you open is that there are quite a lot of options available in this browser compared to IE. There is an in-built search available next to address bar.

wp_ss_20121220_0002 wp_ss_20121220_0001

The bottom toolbar has back and forward buttons and also to switch tabs. The rendering of website is pretty good and response is quick. If you pull down the lower menu, you can see the settings and tools available. The bottom menu has three tabs- General, Settings and also tools. The general tab provides option to add a website as bookmark. There is also a night mode, which dims the screen so that you save battery. It also comes with a full fledged download manager which can smartly keep the screen awake so that Wi-Fi is not disconnected while downloading. It also comes with a full screen mode.

You can also browse in private mode (incognito browsing) where browsing history is not tracked.

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The browser has an in-built option to scan QR codes, so that you can quickly visit sites by scanning them. From the top menu, you can add any website to start menu and also enable the speed mode.

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You can also customize your browser to your liking with a variety of wallpapers. The company claims that UC browser for Windows Phone 8 is 20% faster than its previous version. Overall, we liked the features available in this browser and is definitely worth a try.

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