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Serious Sam 3 BFE Review for Xbox 360

Serious Sam is a series that doesn’t try to be something it isn’t.  You won’t find Sam hiding behind cover from enemies or being stealth.  You also won’t find him working with a people. But you’ll say that’s what happens in Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield. But, Sam isn’t like that.

Sam is like that kind of guy who you hand a gun to and point at the bad guy and watch the fireworks. No “strategies” just hard-core killing.

Serious Sam BFE Xbox


As you soon as you start the game, it’s actually pretty obvious to even a non-gamer that this is a port. Too many options in settings such as selecting FPS (frames per second), turning off gore and blood, something really you wouldn’t see in a console game. And yes, the graphics have suffered during the porting too. Textures are in low-res. I experienced lag during cut screens and even during gameplay which made me flip some tables. There are times when the game stops completely for a few seconds. Developers should clean this up with a patch, ASAP. I don’t have any more tables to flip.

The gets you tied in with the atmosphere you’re fighting through. The sound effects are great too. However the dialogues are pathetic. Bollywood writers could have done better.

Serious Sam GamePlay

You won’t find any epic cinematic moments as you would in, say, Modern Warfare 2, but you will find wave upon wave of annoying enemies, forcing you to shoot like crazy all the time and probably end up breaking your controller.

The gameplay is typical Sam, baam baam, reload, baam, baam, scream, break controller. Some new running feature which you can use to flee if you’re outta’ ammo which doesn’t ever happen cause’ you can carry truckloads of ammo for each gun unlike in modern combat games.

Serious Sam: BFE is what Doom or Quake might have ended up becoming into had they continued to be developed. However for some people the enemies at every step can make it a bit overwhelming.


So the single player stuff is pretty decent, you start off to kill the evil from a helicopter ride. I could go on but I’d be spoiling whatever little story this game has. But let’s be honest here nobody would play this game for the story.

The campaign mode is pretty cool, awesome guns, awesome enemies like Gnaars which look like one eyed chimpanzees. It starts off slow, small number of people to fight against or individual enemies. Even your weapons at first are pretty mediocre, at best. But it all gets better, better enemies, sniper rifles.

Serious Sam BFE Fighting Scorpion

But I’d really tell you to skip the single player and jump right into the multiplayer mode which supports up to 4 players in a single session.  You can play the entire campaign together, or opt for the survival mode instead, pitting you against monsters to see how long you and your teammate can stay alive.  And boy, fun would be an understatement.


Serious Sam doesn’t quite evolve as other highly evolved FPS’s out there; it’s one of the best – and most affordable – ones. If you wanna try your hand at an FPS or just play some retro gaming I’d suggest you download this one from XBLA because Sam’s still got it.

Pros :

  • Awesome multiplayer
  •   Old-School FPS

Cons :

  • No in-depth story or character development
  • Ported game

Rating: 3/5

  • Design: 2/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Performance: 2/5
  • Usability: 3/5
  • Value: 4/5

Download :

The game costs 1200 Microsoft points. There is also an add on available named as “Jewel of the Nile” which is priced same.

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