SilverDict : Multiple Offline Dictionary App for Windows Phone

by Ashish


This goes to all those who had been looking for a Dictionary App for Windows Phone, which works without, consuming a lot of  bandwidths or just want to have an app which work without internet connection.

SilverDict, which appeared on the XDA forum couple of days back, is pretty decent app, which lets you, search a word over several dictionaries. So for example, you want to check for a word in Britanica, Cambridge and Webster simultaneously, this app can just do that for you. As a matter of fact, you can check into 8 different dictionaries simultaneously without worrying much about switching, speed etc.

How it works ?

This app helps you find and install dictionaries from online resources and then install it in the app itself. Then you can choose which dictionaries to use and search in them. This means you can have a lot of them installed but only search in eight of them.

To search all you need is to type in the text box and you will get real time result on the particular dictionary. When you switch to next dictionary, the words or suggestions get displayed automatically. Tap any of them to get details on the word.


In case a word, you typed in, is not available in a dictionary, the tab is not visible at all. This makes sure you don’t confuse on that.

SilverDict Offline Dictionary App for Windows Phone

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