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How to Start Using the New Outlook.com Right Away

Microsoft launched the new Outlook.com yesterday which brings a major overhaul to the user interface, and features. While it is rolling out globally, it makes take some time to reach everyone. But if you want to use it right now, the trick is pretty easy.

  • Sign in to Outlook.com. Once you do, the URL will look like https://outlook.live.com/owa/
  • Change this to https://outlook.live.com/mail/
  • Once done, you will see the Beta Sign in Option, but do not touch it at all.

Image Source: WPXBOX.COM

Now you can keep using it as is, but any reload will get you back to older interface, so just keep changing the URL, and keep using it. You will hardly need any reload with this.  Also if you toggle the Beta Opt-in option, you will be permanently removed from the beta until it becomes official.

That said, if you want to skip the manual change of URL all the time, then all you need do is just add the url https://outlook.live.com/mail/ as a bookmark on your browser, and use this all the time to access the new Outlook.com. This works with any browser, just don’t touch the Try Outlook Beta button ever.

The rollout of Outlook.com might take some months if not years, and looking at this trick I just Microsoft has kept it open for all.  Do try it out, and let us know.

via the Verge

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