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How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on Android and iOS Devices

In a world that’s moving so fast with all the jaw-dropping innovations of technology, almost nothing is impossible now. Back in those, one could only imagine about things that were in front of them. For example, people never thought that sitting home one could shop anything and it would reach to their doorstep. The internet made and e-shopping made that possible. Likewise, people also never thought one could watch movies and TV out of the TV box. Inventions of multiple software made such things possible, and there’s one among them, which is the “VLC Streamer”.

“VLC Streamer” is streaming software that is mainly used to stream movies from your personal computer, laptop or Macbook to your smart device over Wifi. You can watch anything sitting anywhere around your home and watch whatever you want from your collection on your own device. Once you have it installed on your Macbook or PC you are all set to stream movies or videos.

However, this article is more focused on how you can stream videos from your Windows PC to VLC on Android and iOS. I’m sure there are many people out there who are looking to do so but didn’t know where to start from. So, you don’t have to worry anymore, follow the article till the end and you will know how you can stream videos from your Windows PC to VLC on Android or iOS Devices.

How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on Android

In order to stream videos from PC to VLC on Android, all you need is a good Wifi connection and all settings in the firewall should be such that is allowing free flow of media between both the devices.

1. First, go to VLC app settings Menu and enable the play in your device background by turn on the Play Videos in Background option so that you can listen to songs in the background. It is essential to turn this option on as media related fact is being discussed and you don’t want the video to stop in the middle while you click the home button.


2. Next, we have to use Windows’s home Sharing feature.  This will let you share HomeGroup sharing features of the Windows.

In case there’s no set up of HomeGroup in your system before, set it by clicking on the Create a HomeGroup option.

You will get the HomeGroup sharing option in the Network and Internet Settings segment. Otherwise, you can also look for it in the search option within the Settings menu by typing HomeGroup.


While you are on this Settings page, check for Media Options like; Videos and Music and then go ahead by clicking on the Next and Finish option (in the Next Window tab).


3. Once you finish up with all the set-up, go back to the main page of Homegroup. Here you have put stop to other running mediums such as; PC’s content and TV streaming.

Therefore, click on the box where you find it’s written Allow all Devices on this network such as TVs and game consoles to play my shared content


Click on that and in the new window, you have to uncheck Allowed option in front of Media Programs on this PC and Remote Connections…


The Setup of the Windows is now complete

4. Now you just have to go to VLC app on your smartphone. Once it is opened, click on Three Horizontal Lines on bottom top in the left corner and tap the Local Network option.


If all your other settings have been correctly set you will see a folder appears with your PC’s name on it. Click on it and select whoever folder contains your music and videos and then enjoy it on your Smartphone anywhere in your home’s favorite corner.

That is it, this is how you can stream videos from Windows PC to VLC on Android. Now, let us see how you can stream videos from PC to VLC on iOS Devices using VLC Streamer.

How to Stream Videos from PC to VLC on iOS Devices

1. At first, head to the AppStore on your iOS handset and look for VLC Streamer. Select the free VLC Streamer and Install it that you usually do for other apps.

2. Now go back to your PC and browse to the download page of VLC Streamer helper and download any of the MAC, Windows, or Linux versions of the VLC Streamer Helper. Now double-click on it and install it as per the instructions pop on your system.

Once you install it Run the Exe file of this VLC Streamer now and then tap Finish to complete the configuration setting.

3. You can file up videos from either of your device, mobile or computers. In order to do those double click on the Taskbar notification icon of VLC Streamer to open the software. You can also search by Typing VLC Streamer on the search bar.


4. Once you finish with that click Add movies to select for streaming videos or open a separate window folder and drag that movie, which you would like to watch on the Drag Movies Here space.


You will see all the movies have been lined up on this folder with the option processing written beside it. It is recommended to wait, watching movies before the process fully completes. It will show Complete in front of the video file name.


Windows PC setup is done. Now you have to open the VLC Streamer app on your iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad.

VLC Streamer app will show your Desktop name, tap on it and it will show you all the media files you have added to your Windows desktop.


However, you can directly select any movies from your iOS device and watch them. You no longer need to sit in front of the PC to select any movies or videos. Stream any number of movies you wish, and watch them on your iOS device anytime. Select Watch movie option to watch. Save option comes only with the paid version.

That’s all you need to do to stream videos and movies from your PC to VLC on both Android and iOS devices. Follow these simple steps above to do all the settings stuff and keep both your devices synchronized.

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