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Sync Camera Roll Folder to SkyDrive on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 has default option to backup your photos on to SkyDrive. But there are few problems here, first is that you cannot manually select an account to sync photos, phone selects the Microsoft account used for the phone. Secondly you cannot select the folder and also the quality of photos will not be of original one.

But with Camera Roll Sync, a free app for Windows Phone 8, these problems are solved. You can sync your camera roll folder to SkyDrive in high quality. You can select the SkyDrive account to sync the photos by manually logging into the account.

Sync Select folder

Once you have logged in, you can select the folder on SkyDrive where you want the photos to be synced. You can also select the date from which you want to sync, which again is a pretty useful feature.

Camera roll sync

Features of this app;

  • Sync camera roll pictures in HD
  • Up to 10 higher resolution than built-in auto sync
  • Configurable target folder
  • Sync pictures which were taken after specific date
  • Single login SkyDrive integration

This app is really worth a try if you take a lot of photos and want them to be in high resolution.

Download Camera Roll Sync

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