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An early look at Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile (Screenshots)

Facebook has showed its love for Windows 10 by launching Facebook, Instagram and Messenger for Windows 10. A new redesigned Facebook and a new Messenger app for Windows 10 PCs, Instagram – which is finally out of beta, for Windows 10 Mobile. However, the company had promised a new Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile too, and it looks like its ...

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How to Send Text from Windows 10 PC using Messaging Everywhere

Starting with Windows 10 PC Build 14327, Messaging Everywhere allows you send text messages from the computer. Internally this feature uses Cortana & Windows 10 Messaging integreation to send the messages across. This is how you can set it up, and then use it: On your Windows 10 Mobile: Open Messaging App > Settings. Enable Send texts from all my ...

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How to Remove Personal Information from your Pictures in Windows 10 PC and Mobile

It is not a secret that anything, and everything you share on social networks contains your personal information. These information may include your location, device information, and so on. This kind of information is stored as Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) metadata which is part of the image file. This for professional photographers might be useful but for average users like you ...

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How to Set Google as Default Search Engine in Windows 10 Mobile

When it comes to changing the default search engine in Windows 10 PC, and Windows 10 Mobile, things have changed a bit from choosing between Bing and Google in Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1 to Open Search Implementation. In simple words, Edge can now detect if a webpage you are now on can become a search provider like Bing, ...

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How to Sideload Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Using Developer Mode

Microsoft has enabled a web-based service–Device Portal–on Windows 10 Mobile which allows you turn on remote diagnostics over USB or Local Area network connection i.e. when your computer and phone are on same network.While the portal does a lot of things which is useful from developers perspective, it can also allow you to side load apps right from your computer without ...

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How to Transfer SMS, Photos and Contacts to Windows 10 Mobile

When switching to a new Phone, you always want to carry over your text, pictures and contacts. So if you decided to switch to Windows 10 Mobile or are upgrading to a new phone, here is how you can transfer all your data. Android  to Windows 10 Mobile: Transfer SMS or Text messages : Transfer My Data App : The App ...

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