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Upload Videos to Instagram from Windows Phone

Instagram app debuted on Windows Phone platform back in October 2013 at the Nokia World and ever since the release, it hasn’t got all the latest features available on Instagram for other platforms. For example, you cannot upload videos from Windows Phone to Instagram. But now, we have an unofficial app similar to 6tag for Instagram. The new app called ...

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Backup Contacts and SMS to SD Card on Windows Phone

Microsoft has released a new app which allows Windows Phone users to take a backup of your contacts and messages on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The app called “Contacts+message backup” is now avialable in the store and can be downloaded on your phone. The app once installed will be able to backup your contacts and SMS to your SD card. ...

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Tubecast for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 gets a Big Update

We all know that YouTube does not have an official app for Windows Phone platform, but there are some great third party alternatives available like Tubecast. Tubecast is a feature rich app with great features and also an universal app available for both phone and Windows 8.1. The app has been updated with new features. Both Windows Phone and Windows ...

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QuickPlay is an Advanced Media Player for Windows Phone

Media playback is one of the areas where Windows Phone still needs improvement, but thanks to developers we have better third party alternatives. QuickPlay is a new media player (audio and video) which comes with a beautiful interface and offers more features than the standard player. One of the exciting features of QuickPlay is that you can select songs based ...

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Wunderlist 3 Beta comes to Windows Phone 8.1

Few days back Wunderlist had announced the version 3 of their app which was made available for iOS and Android. But now the app is released for Windows Phone 8.1 users as a beta download. In case you are not used to Wunderlist, it is a cloud based task management service which allows you to access your to do list ...

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Copy and Paste text between Windows and Windows Phone with Kopy

There are many instances where you wanted to transfer text between your phone and desktop, be it general text or URLs. Here is a new free and extremely useful app called Kopy which allows you to easily transfer text between Windows and Windows Phone. All you need to do is to copy whatever text you want to transfer to phone ...

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