Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows Phone (& The Problem)

by Ashish


I am seeing a lot many Windows Phone users complaining about failure in transfer of files from a Non Windows Phone to a Windows Phone and vice versa over Bluetooth. After investing and testing around a lot, I see the problem does exist which is because of unstable connection made between these devices. This happens at least 4 in 10 times.

There is a temporary way out but we need a permanent solution. I have summed my whole experience in the video below followed by details in text.

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The Problem:


It seems that even though Windows Phone follows the standard, there is a mismatch. I would have skipped the verification of standards if it happened with other devices too; but it is always the Windows Phone.

When I connect my Windows Phone to any other Android or even a Personal Computer, the connection gets lost after as low as 2-3 seconds.

  1. You turn on Bluetooth on both the devices.
  2. Pair them.
  3. Next you select a file from Android or iPhone and select Windows Phone as destination, You will encounter an unknown error.
  4. Now if you look at your Windows Phone Bluetooth settings, you will see that the phone is no more connected with the other mobile.
Bluetooth Windows Phone Transfer

Temporary Solution:

After trying it out a couple of hit and trial the best solution is to connect Windows Phone with Android just before you hit share file from Android or iPhone.

  1. You turn on Bluetooth on both the devices.
  2. Pair them.
  3. Keep the Bluetooth Settings section open on your Windows Phone
  4. Next you select a file from Android or iPhone and select Windows Phone as destination.
  5. Quickly Tap the Android or iPhone Name in the available Bluetooth devices which is displayed in Bluetooth settings of Windows Phone.
  6. Doing this will make sure the connection is live when you are sending file from Android or iPhone.

Where do the received files get saved

  1. If it’s an Image, It will be saved in saved images in photo library
  2. If it’s an Office document, check Office Hub App
  3. If it is a PDF File, It will be available right inside the app you used to open it.
  4. Music & Videos goes into their hub.

Sadly if you have any file which is not supported in Windows Phone it will get lost. You may receive that file in your phone but when you tap to open, it tries to find an app for it and if it fails, the received file is lost.