Transffr : Download Files from PC on Windows Phone Over Wi-Fi

by Ashish


When it comes to transferring files to Windows Phone from your PC, Windows Phone 8 OS doesn’t do really well when it comes to documents and zip files. Even though it is possible to get them via USB mode but if you really want to get go hands free — Transffr is what you should be looking at.

Now, there are tons of download manager or file downloaders available in Windows Phone marketplace but we picked this app because of it’s implementation.

How does it work ?

This app has a server counterpart which should be installed on your PC. Once done, you can drag n’ drop files and it will generate QR code for it. Next you need to use the inbuilt QR scanner and it makes sure that files are downloaded right inside the app.

Transff App Windows Phone


Transffr App Sections


The app fails to handle files such as Office Files ( Word, Excel) and Zip Files. When you scan the QR code, it triggers the Browser to download the file and goes out of application’s scope. Files like mp4, Images and any other which aren’t supported on your phone get downloaded perfectly.

Download Transffr:

Even though the app is mainly designed for downloading files from PC, you can use it to download from anywhere on the Internet by scanning QR codes.The app costs 0.99 USD and comes with a fully functional trial (Ad Supported).

Transffr QR Code