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VSD Viewer for Windows Phone

Windows Phone comes with a strong Office integration but it has yet to support some most commonly used files like  VSD files.  As a matter of fact, VSD is a part of office suite but still doesn’t get a viewer support on Windows Phone.

So today we have an app which helps you at least view the VSD files on your Windows Phone. The named as VSD Viewer you can view a file with extension as .VSD (Microsoft Visio). The app register itself as one of the application that can open such extension, so when you actually download the file, you can see the app icon associated with it.

How does VSD Viewer works ?

When I first installed it, my impression was that it will act as plain viewer. However, it turned out that to view the VSD file, the app needs to connect on the developer’s server. It connects to convert them into images which is then downloaded on your phone.

Visio Viewer Processing

The VSD file can be downloaded from Email, Browser, NFC or anywhere else. Each of these pages can be shared over email or you can delete them using the menu bar when the page is open.

VSD Library :

Good thing is that each of the converted images are saved in apps library. They are saved with the same name as the original VSD file.

In case of multiple pages, these images are not just set of  bunch of images. Rather, they are organised so you can access each of these images using the index that was in the original VSD file. You will need to hit the menu bar and select pages to switch to different section or pages of the file.

Visio Viewer App Feature

Type of VSD Stencils supported ?

According to the sample file inside the app, it supports most of them. In case you have doubt, feel free to ask the developer or in the comments.

Download VSD Viewer

The app costs 2.99 USD which is definitely a costly affair, specially without a trail version. I will suggest the app developer to come up with a trial version which allows at least one  conversion of a VSD file limited to a certain size.

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