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Why send us a Beta Invite for your App / Game Review

Hello Developer,

Many developers has asked me on why we look for a beta invite for their paid applications even if they cost less than a dollar. Here I am trying to explain the reason for it.  At the end please fill in the contact form to send us details of your application.

What I am looking for is access to the app without paying anything. Now that sounds a bit rude but this is how we follow things here and you will see why it makes sense.

  • We ask devs to give us free access to their apps.
  • Once we get the access, we evaluate and then publish a post of that app, along with video & suggestions and share it with our readers.
  • Next we keep a good track of the app to see how often it gets update. If we see a good development work from the devs, we end up buying that app
  • This means every major update of the app, gets a menion in our blog and with our readers in future.

So if you see its really not just about getting free access to app or money but more about finding awesome developers and develop a relationship with them.

Now when I said Beta Invite or Press Invite, Technically I mean this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh334585(v=vs.92).aspx

This has three advantages :

  • You help us getting quick access to your app.
  • You can set time period for beta invite so we access to the app for limited period of time but make sure to keep us informaed about any major change.
  • Lastly you can keep us rolled in your future beta invite as we interact a lot with developers to make their app even better, providing them with proper feedback.

So what we are looking for is beta invite, so we can test, make video, generate suggestions and share with our readers.

So get in touch with us, using the contact form below, so we can share with you the email id where you can send us an invite.



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