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Windows 10 Creators Fall Update to get New Touch Keyboard Experience

One of the best things about Windows 10 Mobile was the awesome keyboard experience, and it’s coming with Windows 10 Creators Fall Update. Microsoft is finally converging the keyboard experience for those who use touch keyboard on their Windows 10 devices. This is being rolled out to Windows 10 Insiders on Fast Ring with Build 16215, and will finally appear for all when Windows 10 Creators Fall Update rolls out to everybody this September.  Below s the list of features you get:

Enhanced Text Prediction:

It will remember you commonly used phrases, and predict the next word smartly. It will appear right over the keys where you have the option to use the microphone. When used in UWP Apps, you can also get  Emoji suggestions.

Enhanced Text Prediction.

Improved emoji experience: If you switch to the touch keyboard’s emoji view, you’ll find can now smoothly scroll through the entire contents of each emoji category, rather than page by page. You’ll also notice that any additionally available emoji candidates based on your most recent word are displayed at the top in the candidate area

Improved emoji experience.

One-handed touch keyboard:

You can resize the keyboard to a smaller form factor which will make it possible to perform one hand typing. This is going to be useful for tablets or for those who want to just type in fast.  It looks similar to a phone keyboard – smaller and more narrow.

One-handed touch keyboard.

Shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard:

The keyboard also supports shape writing i.e. you can swipe across the keys without releasing the finger on alphabets of the words you want to write, and it will automatically predict it. If you have a pen, it will also work it that.

Shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard.

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