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Windows 10 Mobile build 15025 brings eBook support, Mono Audio and more

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Insider Preview Build no 15025 for Windows 10 Mobile, finally after 2 weeks, which brings in some new features mostly around Edge, Feedback Hub, and Ease of Access Settings. It aligns with the latest build for Windows 10 PC that rolled out few days ago. This version also marks the end of Insiders Build for the Creators Update, though bug fixes are going to be an exception.

While Windows 10 on ARM is still on works, at least from consumer perspective, Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile hasn’t got anything for Windows 10 Mobile, and I am guessing the upcoming Build even is the last hope where we could see something around it.

What’s new?

  • Microsoft Edge can now read ebooks: This is exactly like what rolled out for PC. When you have an ebook open on the Edge browser, just press the “read aloud” button at the top-right corner after opening one of your e-books and listen to it. This feature is also extended to all non-store EPUB files opened using Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft Edge and emoji: Microsoft Edge will now display full-color, updated emoji by default on websites that use emoji.New emoji support in Microsoft Edge.
  • Introducing Collections in Feedback Hub: A few months ago, we asked you what was one of your biggest pieces of feedback about the Feedback Hub. You said, “too many duplicate pieces of feedback!”. We love working with you to create a better experience for everyone using the Feedback Hub, so today we are so happy to announce Collections. Collections are now live in Feedback Hub starting with app version 1.1612.10251.0.
  • New mono audio option in Ease of Access settings: Visually impaired users use a screen reader application to read content on their phones and information to them, and frequently use headphones or earbuds to hear their device when in meetings or having conversations with others. When doing so, they generally use only one earbud to hear what’s being said from their device in one ear so the other ear is free to hear conversations and sounds around them. That can cause them to not hear sounds that may be directed to the other earbud. In order to change the sound to be mono mode and so all audio is directed to both ears, they used to need a physical earphone adapter. You can now switch your audio to mono straight from the new Audio section under Settings > Ease of Access > Other options.

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