Windows Phone Dicom Viewer lets you see CT, MRI, US, X-RAYS

by Ashish


Apps are getting better on Windows Phone and wpDicom for Windows Phone is an excellent example. This app helps any medical specialist to view CT, MRI, US, X-RAYS on Windows Phone, exactly like they see it in their chambers.

How does it work ?

Like any other digital data, these CT, MRI, US, X-RAYS, can also be stored in digital format using a standard named as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine).

DICOM is not just a file format, but it also includes a network protocol. Though it uses the same TCP/IP to communicate between systems.  Both, the file system and the protocol makes it possible to integrate with medical and regular devices like scanners, servers, workstations, printers etc.

WP Decom Viewer MRI Vision

This application understands the same DICOM protocol and, thus, is able to connect directly to medical devices and query (using criteria such as patient name, id, examination date) and download medical images.

Once downloaded, these images stay in the phone storage which is decoded by the application so it can be viewed like its been viewed on display plates etc.

More Features :

Video Demo



Both free and paid versions are available. The advantage with the free version is  that you can send or print the images he/she has downloaded to the device. Additionally, an “annoying” watermark appears every time the app displays an image on the free version.

Windows Phone Dicom Viewer (Paid) 

Dicom Viewer Paid

Windows Phone Dicom Viewer Free

Dicom Viewer Free