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10Lock Personalizes your Windows Phone Lock Screen

Windows 10 has a beautiful new lock screen which shows your account picture. Now if you like this lock screen and want to get a similar one on your phone, you should be trying out 10lock. With 10Lock, you can personalize your lock screen leaving it similar to Windows 10. The new look of Windows 10 brought some new features ...

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Wunderlist Windows 10 App is Now Available (Public Beta)

Wunderlist is one of the popular ToDo App, and the company has now revealed a Public Beta of Windows 10, both mobile and desktop. As a first impression, the really looks neat, and looks like the universal app platform is attracting a couple of companies. Slack recently launched its Windows 10 app as well. Here is the change log: To-dos ...

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Slack for Windows Phone is Now Available (Public Beta)

I remember when we tried Android Apps on Windows Phone using the Astoria tool, Slack was the first app I tried. I have used this tool and e I don’t have to certify that its pretty amazing. Good news is that Slack is out of closed beta and is now available for all slack users on Windows Phone / Windows ...

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Fitbit Announces new Windows 10 App

Fitbit has today announced their new Windows 10 app. The app provides a more engaging and fluid app design that lets users personalize the way they interact with key pieces of their health and fitness journey across all their Windows devices. Fitbit helps users track their steps, activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep, providing the information they need to more ...

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