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Fotor’s Color Splash Studio : Photo Editing App for Windows

Color Splash Studio is a great photo editing application from Everimaging that allows you to bring your photos to life by selectively adding color to a black and white photo. This effect can be seen in advertisements and professionally edited photographs and gives photos a sophisticated, classy feel. Now with Color Splash Studio, it is very easy to get those kind ...

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Air Aisa Rolls out Universal App for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Popular Low-Cost Airlines, Air Asia, has rolled out their Universal App for Windows 10 PC and Mobile which allows you to book flights, do a check-in, seats, meals, baggage and manage your travel on the go. The Airline recently picked up huge popularity in India, and getting an app for the platform adds to the strength of the platform which ...

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An early look at Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile (Screenshots)

Facebook has showed its love for Windows 10 by launching Facebook, Instagram and Messenger for Windows 10. A new redesigned Facebook and a new Messenger app for Windows 10 PCs, Instagram – which is finally out of beta, for Windows 10 Mobile. However, the company had promised a new Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile too, and it looks like its ...

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Perfect Tools : 16 Essential Tools for Your Windows 10 Mobile

Perfect Tools is a brand new utility app from Perfect thumb. It has a collection of 16 essential tools for your Windows 10 Mobile. The tools include: QR code, Ruler, Compass, Protractor, Level, Currencies exchanger, Heart rate, Lux meter, Dice, Flashlight, Timekit, Recorder, Sound meter, speedometer, land area calculator, tile maker. And just like other apps from Perfect Thumb, this too ...

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Microsoft Health App Coming to Windows 10 PC & Tablets

Microsoft today announced new hiking features for the companies in-house health tracker,  Band 2 with the new Explore Tile, and update to the Microsoft Health App. The company remarked that Microsoft Health App will begin rolling out in the Windows Store this week to download on your Windows 10 PCs, and Tablets. The app is already available on the Windows ...

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Misfit Link and Misfit Home Apps Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Misfit, One of the well know companies when it comes to Fitness Trackers, has announced their apps for Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile, strengthening the platform which recently touched 300 million users world wide. Misfit Link: This app offers support for Misfit trackers including Misfit Shine 2, Flash or Flash Link. These are really portable trackers which we reviewed sometimes ...

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