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How to Pin a Location in Windows 10 Mobile

Pin Location on Windows 10 Mobile Maps

It’s common to forget the way back to your car in parking location or any place which you want to come back once you are done with your work.  It not only wastes a lot of time, but also energy. So, how do you make it easy? When using Windows 10 Mobile, the in-built map application lets you pin any ...

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How to Trim Videos in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Trim Option

When it comes to Videos and Photos, any user looks around for basic features to be available on its phone. Editing, Beautification, Removing red eyes are few examples.  Windows 10 Mobile comes with all the basic features required by a consumer, and in its recent update, Photos app has now included the ability to trim videos on your phone.   ...

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How to Hard and Soft Reset Windows 10 Mobile

Soft Reset Windows 10 Mobile

Sometimes after a long usage, smartphones tend to get slow or sometimes doesnt respond to touch or turn on. There is no exact reason for this, but call it a bug which tends to pile up everyday until it gets you phone slow. In case your Windows 10 Mobile is suffering similar problem including random booting or  it gets unresponsive, ...

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How to Backup and Sync Messages on Windows 10 Mobile

Text Restore and Sync

Windows 10 Mobile is the latest update for Windows Phone 8.1 devices and Microsoft will be rolling out to devices this year. The new OS comes with host of new features including new and improved UI along with more features which makes the OS competitive to Android and iOS. Messages are still used by many people even though a lot ...

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How to Sideload Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Using Developer Mode

Sideload-Apps Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has enabled a web-based service–Device Portal–on Windows 10 Mobile which allows you turn on remote diagnostics over USB or Local Area network connection i.e. when your computer and phone are on same network. We have heard about it before, but only saw this getting enabled in this build which was released only today. While the portal does a lot of ...

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How to View the Data Usage on Windows 10 Mobile


A lot of users have limited data plan on their mobile phones and often end up paying huge money for additional data usage. So it is always good to have a watch on the data usage on your phone and restrict it when it goes near the monthly limit. If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, you can also ...

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How to Create Linked Inbox in Windows 10 Mobile

One of the biggest changes in Windows 10 Mobile was getting rid of Email Accounts from the inbuilt email client. Instead now you have Outlook which you can use to configure  and manage your email accounts. This made sure that updating the Email App and rolling out new feature is much easier. One thing which I did not like about ...

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