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Windows 10 Store Now Shows System Requirements for Apps & Games

Windows Store System Requirement

Windows 10 Store recently got a major overhaul, though buggy, and brought couple of feature, UI tweaks, and user experience refinements. One thing popped up only recently is display of “System Requirements”. This new feature lists Minimum System Required & Recommended System Requirement both. Against every system requirement e.g. OS, Architecture etc, you get “Required” and “Optional” label along with ...

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Microsoft Rolls out Windows 10 Mobile Build 14342.1004 for Insiders on Fast Ring

Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

After waiting for a little longer, Microsoft has started rolling out new build for Windows 10 Build 14342.1004 which majorly focuses on battery performance which had been a real pain, specially if you travel a lot. The build is only a minor uptick from its pervious version 1432.1003 which means there no new feature improvement. Windows Insider chief Gabriel Aul: We are ...

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Microsoft Streamlining its Smartphone Business Laying of 1850 Employees


It was inevitable. Microsoft after showing lack of interest in building new hardware to give OEMs enough space, today Microsoft has announced that it is restricting its smartphone business. This is resulting in laying off 1,850 employees ( 1350 from  Microsoft’s Finland unit, and 500 jobs globally) along with writing off $950 million. Last Week Microosft sold of its feature phone business unit. ...

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Microsoft Revamping Wallet for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Wallet Update

If I have to name some of the most unused feature on Windows 10 Mobile & Windows Phone, then its going to wallet, at least for our region it remained useless. Except for making sure that App purchases can be locked I didn’t find a reason to visit it often. Looks like Microsoft is up to improve it with new features. Reported ...

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Cortana Offers Six Features Native to Indian Consumers

Cortana India Features

Cortana is one of the most powerful features in Windows 10 has now grown a lot in India. Microsoft is working hard to bring the native integration so the Indian consumers feel home, and here are six such features you should know about: Local Trends & Sentiments Indians love Bollywood, Golgappa & Cricket. Microsoft has threaded these small things in ...

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14342 is Now Available for Insiders

Keeping at it par with Windows 10 PC rollouts, Microsoft today has started rolling out Build 14322 for Windows 10 Mobile users as well. This particular build is available for Insiders who are on fast ring, and will only get to regular consumers with Anniversary Update which is expected in July. This time Microsoft has included three more devices which ...

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Abnormal Storage Usage by Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322

Well, I enjoy using Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 640 XL, and being a Microsoft fan and tech enthu, I decided to enrol into Windows Insider program and installed Redstone build, currently running 14332 build (10.0.14332.1001 to be exact), to have a sneak peak into future of Windows 10 Mobile. I would further like to highlight the fact that ...

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