Xbox : How to send same message to multiple or all the friends

by Ashish


Sending a message to multiple friends is something you should be doing often either to set up a game party or when online and you want to join in an existing party, but you need an invite.  Now we all know that it’s a big time pain if you need to send the same message to all your friends , worst part, you are using controller for that.

Pro Tip for Novice Gamers :

Back to topic, The real question of the day is to send SMS to multiple users  and here is what you can do.

Using Xbox : 

The only drawback is there is no way to select all recipients or even search any by gamertag.

Send message to Multiple Xbox gamers

Using Mobile Apps for Xbox :

Microsoft has Xbox Live App for almost all the platforms which includes iPhone / iPad and Android and Windows Phone. While Windows Phone is still waiting for an update,  rest of them support sending message where you can select multiple recipients and send them the same message.

Select Multiple Gamertags on Xbox Send message

So how do you send a message to your Xbox friends ? Do you use a Mobile or the web interface or use a keyboard ? Do share with us in comments.