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Everything about Xbox Club & Looking for Group

If you been wondering & waiting for a feature that will put a wow factor to the Xbox One & Windows 10 Gamer community, its about time. In the recent update to Xbox One Preview, Microsoft has taken their first major step to bring the PC & Console community together. The feature is called as “Clubs” which allows gamers to ...

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How to Play Background Music on Xbox One using USB Drive

Xbox Background Music Player

As Microsoft started adding more and more consumer based features to Xbox One, thanks to Windows 10 core integration, playing background music is one feature that made to it to top of the charts. In one of the recent update to Xbox One preview, this was already included only to be found missing the Groove music app, but now supported by a ...

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How to Download High Resolution Images of Your Xbox One Achievements

Xbox One Game Achievement images are pretty awesome. You get a a contextual wallpaper kind of thing after every achievement you complete.  I use it all the time with my Xbox One, and I really wished there was a way to cycle them. While consoles are more of personal thing. desktop wallpapers are one those get eyeballs most of the time. ...

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Best Xbox One Controller Tips and Tricks

Connect microUSB with Xbox One Controller

The New Xbox One Experience has changed a lot of things around its UI, but has also made the controller really powerful. If you can master the shortcuts and know few nifty details about it, moving around Xbox One is much easier. Navigate Your Dashboard Quickly You can switch between Home, Community, OneGuide and Store by pressing the RB and ...

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How to Force Close An Xbox One App or Game

Xbox One Quit Apps Games

Many a times you would want to exit an app or a game on Xbox One, but then there are few extra steps. You need to get into the game again, and then make an exit using the game menu.  Now what if you wanted to close an app without going into it or if there is an app which ...

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How to Create, Move, Delete & Access Pins on Xbox One

Pining Apps to Start Screen is in the DNA of Windows Now. Any Windows Device you use, lets you pin something to start screen, and the same is now possible with Xbox One which essentially runs on Windows 10. Once you have the most commonly used Apps, and Games pinned to start screen, you will save a lot of time ...

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How to Turn Off and Manage Notifications on Xbox One

Notifications Control on Xbox One

When playing games on Xbox One, it’s very annoying if you get promoted by new messages or Skype call, and even broadcasts. By default the notifications for most of the things are turned on, and then pop-up on the screen. Quite a distraction here. In this post, I am sharing how you can turn off notifications either completely, or for ...

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