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How to Change Xbox One Background Image (NXOE)

Xbox One Background Screen

While option to use a background image on Xbox One arrived sometimes earlier, after the New Xbox One update lot of things have changed. Major Nelson of Xbox has now released a new template those who wish to use their own custom background and it allows them to exactly see how it looks like when they would put it on Xbox ...

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Xbox One App Tips and Tricks on Windows 10

Xbiox One DVR Settings

Xbox One App on Windows 10 is the most important app for gamer on Xbox One gamer and the PC. It has lot of features that you will love, and make it as your central place for all gaming activities. In this post, I am sharing list of must know features of Xbox One App. Stream Games from Xbox One ...

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How to Stream Xbox One & Xbox 360 Games to Windows 10

Xbox Streaming to Windows 10

Microsoft announced its Xbox One streaming feature sometimes back,  and while it all sounded exciting, we really were skeptical on how everything will work. Good news is that Microsoft has done it really well. I have played Gears of War on it for 2 hours, and there are no hiccups. This is a perfect solution for those who need to free ...

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How to Power On & Off the Xbox One with Windows Phone

Xbox One Smartglass Turn On

Xbox One Preview build got an update which now allows you to get system updates while the console is in sleep mode. This is useful, if you don’t want to wait for an update. However, you still need to use your controller or push the button on the console to turn it on or off. Now, how about a solution ...

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How to Update an Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller Update

Xbox Firmware updates recently rolled out an update for the controller as well which enabled quick connection with the console. You will need to physically connect your controller along with chat headset, if any, to update the controller as well. The process is easy and any USB cable does the job smoothly. First make sure you have stable internet connection. ...

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How to Auto Turn ON / OFF TV with Xbox One

Xbox One Auto Turn On TV

It’s always nice that the TV turns on as well when you turn on the Xbox One. Most of us will be using a controller to turn on Xbox One and if you are little far from the TV, it gets annoying. Luckily, you have a setting which turns on the TV as well. Go to Settings > TV & ...

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