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How to Turn Off and Manage Notifications on Xbox One

Notifications Control on Xbox One

When playing games on Xbox One, it’s very annoying if you get promoted by new messages or Skype call, and even broadcasts. By default the notifications for most of the things are turned on, and then pop-up on the screen. Quite a distraction here. In this post, I am sharing how you can turn off notifications either completely, or for ...

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How to Send a Message to Multiple Friends on Xbox One

Send Messages Xbox One Windows 10 App

One of the most common annoyance using Xbox One,  is typing on the console using the controller. So if you want to send message to multiple friends on Xbox One, it will take ages. Worst part,  Xbox One does not allow to send same message to multiple friends from Xbox One. Good thing is that Xbox features has come a long ...

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How to Record Xbox Games with your Own Voice Narration

Xbox One Game DVR Background Recording 2

If you record a lot of Xbox games using the Game DVR feature on Windows 10, a recent update to Xbox App on Windows has enabled background recording or option to record Xbox games with your own voice with it. This makes sure that you can personalise with your expression and humour, and then share it wherever you want. To use ...

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How to Change Xbox One Background Image (NXOE)

Xbox One Background Screen

While option to use a background image on Xbox One arrived sometimes earlier, after the New Xbox One update lot of things have changed. Major Nelson of Xbox has now released a new template those who wish to use their own custom background and it allows them to exactly see how it looks like when they would put it on Xbox ...

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Xbox One App Tips and Tricks on Windows 10

Xbiox One DVR Settings

Xbox One App on Windows 10 is the most important app for gamer on Xbox One gamer and the PC. It has lot of features that you will love, and make it as your central place for all gaming activities. In this post, I am sharing list of must know features of Xbox One App. Stream Games from Xbox One ...

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How to Stream Xbox One & Xbox 360 Games to Windows 10

Xbox Streaming to Windows 10

Microsoft announced its Xbox One streaming feature sometimes back,  and while it all sounded exciting, we really were skeptical on how everything will work. Good news is that Microsoft has done it really well. I have played Gears of War on it for 2 hours, and there are no hiccups. This is a perfect solution for those who need to free ...

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