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Gears of War 4 Horde gets Frenzy Mode with 25 Waves and 5 Bosses

While Coalition hasn’t done the expected job when it comes to the Map, they had been doing really well experimenting with Horde Modes to make it intense, and different. It started with Ferol mode which was stuffed with Salvos, and then Anything goes which made it difficult because of random enemies but followed the same pattern of 50 waves with ...

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Send this Message to Spam Bots on Xbox Live to make them Quit

If you are subscribed to the Xbox Live Service and are using Xbox One a lot, I am sure you already have been spammed with messages which are actually spam. Surprisingly, these messages aren’t coming from Bots but rather real accounts with zero gaming experience. The issue is for real, and  Reddit is all filled up with these messages. That ...

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Spotify Music App Now Available for Xbox One

After tons of rumors, and leaks, Spotify app for Xbox One is now officially available in 34 markets around the world. This is a big news for users who also want to use their console as Media Hub, and prefer it over the default music player. Xbox One does support OneDrive, and USB drive which is also another way to ...

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Gifting Games to Friends on Xbox One is Coming Soon

If you always wanted to gift games, apps or anything which is digital, most of the services (Google Play Store, Xbox, PlayStation) have options to get it done through gift cards. While it looks neat, but the joy of getting a game for free from your friend or parent has no comparison. It is also one of the requested features ...

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The Best Free Xbox One Games You Should Try Now

Welcome fellow game lovers to another episode of the top 10 best free Xbox One games. Today we’ll be showcasing some of the best Xbox One games that are free to play. As these are free to play games, you might find that some games aren’t quite that good. However, few of these games could shame any paid game available ...

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