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Xbox One is getting Screen Saver Feature

I am one of those persons who has started using Xbox One for many other things including games. I use it for watching videos, streaming content from PC to Xbox One,  Browsing the internet, and use apps wherever there is an option. Have a huge TV does make a lot of difference.  This also means that I hate turning off my console even though it’s in energy saving mode.  Keeping it turned on for the whole time isn’t an option either, especially from a TV perspective.

The good news is that Microsoft is rolling out Screen Saver feature for Xbox One.  This, of course, is being taken from Windows 10, but then it’s going to be super useful for people like me.

Jez @ Windows Central reports that this feature is enabled in Xbox Insider Ring 1710 update, and it’s going to get into Alpha ring soon.

Its pretty simple right now, and it’s like the first version of Screen Saver. It has got screen dimmer, option to set the specific time interval for the screen to go dark, and it includes time.  Looking at where Windows 10 Screen Saver is, there is, of course, tons of options available that can be implemented including running pictures from OneDrive.

Image Source: WindowsCentral.com

You can activate the screen saver from the long-press Xbox button menu, followed by pressing the  “X” to activate the screen saver.

More at Windows Central

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