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Xbox One Insider Update 1710 brings Notifications on Dim Screen

Apart from the Screen Saver functionality, Xbox One Insiders recent build no 1710 has brought an important feature “Notifications on Dim Screen” which will make sure you don’t miss an update from your Friends, Clubs and so on.  When your Xbox One is idle (mostly when you see your controller is disconnected) these notifications will be highlighted in a way that it will be visible to you from far away.

You will be able to see which of your favorite friends came online if there is a pending game invitation, and activities from Mixer, Clubs and so on. I am guessing that this feature will sooner or later become available to all the apps as well.

In this build, Microsoft has also updated the screen-dimming functionality to better prevent screen ghosting, both when the screen is dimmed and when it’s showing enhanced notifications.

Apart from this, there are some bug fixes available as well.

  • If you have a Xbox One controller with Bluetooth, there is a firmware update. Learn how you can update it.
  • The issue which sometimes makes games fail to load or even appear in ready to install is fixed.
  • Game Hub bow displays accurate gamerscore and achievements.
  • Minecraft causing others games to fail has been fixed.
  • 3D Blu-Ray content now correctly plays in 3D.


Check out if these updates are available for your Xbox One.

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