Video : Xbox Smartglass Demo, It can sync game levels and positions between Phone, Tablets and PCs

by Ashish


Many of us kept wondering what Xbox Smartglass can really do in action and since none of us saw a proper demo, Batnews has put up an awesome 10 minutes video which includes from demo shown by Lisa Brumfield, Marketing Manager, Microsoft.

In the video :

Gaming :

Pick-up and Play feature which lets you switch gameplays right from you left (this is huge). So in this demo she picked up Solitaire game on Windows Phone and then when it was launched on Windows 8 PC, it picked up right from where it was left on Windows Phone. This is an excellent example of How useful it will be when you are ready to sync settings between multiple devices on Windows 8. The best part is you don’t have to quit your game on the phone and then switch!!

Xbox Smart Glass Pickup and Play

I guess we will have new API for games that will be able to do that though using it always in serious Xbox games will be difficult, unless somebody is beside me.

Using the app as Third Eye ( The game in this showcase is Ascend, which was announced in the media briefing at E3 by Microsoft.)

Watching Movie :

Internet Explorer :

IE was announced for Xbox, and in this video, it is shown how a Windows Phone can be used as a virtual keyboard, thus making it lot easier for any user to surf the internet. You get a icon for the pointer to give you an idea where your “mouse is” to help you scroll, zoom in & out etc.

Source Betanews.com | Via WMPoweruser