10 Best Mechanical Keyboards of Year 2017

Mechanical keyboards are some of the best kind of keyboards that you will get out there, whether you are a gamer or a typist or a writer. But the problem with mechanical keyboards is the fact that you have a wide array to choose from and you end up confused about which one is the best for you. We bring to you some of the best mechanical keyboards that were produced in 2017 so that you can select the one that suits you the best from the given list.

All the best mechanical keyboards of the year 2017 are selected keeping price, features and build in mind so that you won’t face any problem once you buy it. Have a look now at all the best mechanical keyboards of the year 2017.

1. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

If you are the work hard, play hard type of a person, then Logitech G413 will be one of the best mechanical keyboards you can buy. This is one keyboard which is value for money and comes with a really good design which will be perfect for you if you are looking for a good-looking desktop set up. It utilizes the Logitech Romer G switches instead of the Cherry MX and we love it for its performance already. At a price of just £100 Logitech G413 comes along with its own USB pass through and it does a fairly decent job when it comes to gaming and does a fairly good job with macros.


2. SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Looking for something which is fairly basic in nature and looks good too, then you have to try out SteelSeries Apex M500. One of the best parts about this keypad is the fact that it allows you to customize it as per your choices and needs. The switches are Cherry MX and it is equipped with a blue colored backlight which offers the whole device a really cool look. but if you are looking for a keyboard for the purpose of gaming, you might want to think twice about SteelSeries Apex M500 because it doesn’t come with a pass through or macro switches which will add value to gaming.


3. HyperX Alloy FPS

Hardcore gamer? Looking for a best mechanical keyboard which will go perfectly with your gaming style? Try HyperX Alloy FPS. HyperX Alloy FPS comes with a bezel free design that will take up minimal space on your desk and provides you with one of the best looking basic keyboards ever. Although it is one of the simplest mechanical keyboards which doesn’t even have macro buttons and just a red backlight. HyperX Alloy FPS comes with its own USB cable which can be coiled up into its own bag so that it remains untangled at all times. You also get a number of spare key caps along with HyperX Alloy FPS and it allows you to charge things like mobile via the USB port available on it.


4. Cougar 700K KBC700 – 1|S LED Backlight Mechanical Keyboard

When you are on the lookout for a keyboard that is available for a cheap rate and yet you can get a value for your money, then you must try out Cougar 700K. You get Cherry MX switches along with special buttons for macros on the keyboard which will help you to play games better. It has an angular design which looks pretty cool along with an orange backlight that gives it a sporty look. One of the best parts about Cougar 700K is the split space key which it has, one-half of which behaves like the normal space bar and the other half can be assigned to a macro function as and when the need be.


5. Corsair Vengeance K70 Lux Mechanical Keyboard

If color is what you like to play with, then Corsair Vengeance K70 will be one of your top priority then you will love Corsair Vengeance K70. This is one another best mechanical keyboard which comes with three varying backlights viz. blue, orange and red. With Corsair Vengeance K70 you will get a set of a contoured key which is an added advantage but you will miss the macro keys if you are an avid gamer. All the keys have a surround around the keys which does tend to accumulate more germs, but if you can take care of your keyboard in a professional manner, then you will have a keyboard which looks like an industrial grade equipment and will give a great performance with good looks.


6. Asus ROG Claymore

There are people out there who aren’t satisfied with the basic keyboards and are on the lookout for something exotic. For people like that, we bring to you Asus ROG Claymore. Personally, this is what I prefer when to choose best mechanical keyboards. It is a beautiful keyboard which has no bezel and hence makes it look professional. Although there are certain elements which are missing from the whole set up, it is likely that you will fall in love with Asus ROG Claymore merely because of the light it contains and which has the ability to sync up with the graphic cards and Asus Aura mother boards. Asus ROG Claymore comes with a wide array of Cherry MX keys which makes it pretty cool for the gamers.


7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard

If you are willing to go all the way out with your choice of keyboard, then you should definitely try out Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. This is one over the top keyboard that is an absolute dream come true for gamers. Just RGB seemed boring to Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and hence they added a slight edge to the top of the keyboard which made it look way too cool to be true. You can turn off the light if you don’t like them. It comes with its very own USB pass through. The best part of Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is the fact that it comes with its very own wrist rest for you to enjoy.


8. Tomoko 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard with USB Cable

Tomoko 87 Key is one of the most stylish mechanical keyboards that you will find online and which is bound to enhance your gaming experience and take it up a notch. Each of the keys in keyboard act as an independent switch which allows various keys to work at once and provide the users with high speed and precision. The multicolor backlights along with the blue colored buttons which allow gamers and typists to deliver superior quality product. Tomoko 87 Key is made up of top grade material which provides the gamers with a long-lasting product even if they are used to using the same in a rough manner. It also comes with various shortcut keys.


9. EagleTec KG011 Industrial Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Don’t have enough budget for a high-end mechanical keyboard yet you want something which will work as well as the others do? Try out EagleTec KG011 Industrial. It comes with custom made switches which are long lasting in nature and allow you to adjust the backlight so that you can make it soothing to your eyes. EagleTec KG011 Industrial is made up of Aluminum and ABS which allows the keys to staying strong even in weird conditions. The keys are minimal resistance and have good responsiveness along with tactile feedback and audible click sound. EagleTec KG011 Industrial is splash proof in nature and has a full numeric keyboard for the benefit of the users.


10. Azio MGK1 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Azio MGK1 Gaming is a cheap yet effective mechanical gaming keypad which is perfect for the various gamers who like to use their devices in a rough and irresponsible manner. Azio MGK1 Gaming has a stylish outlook and comes with a black anodized body which is lit by white backlights, to begin with. Azio MGK1 Gaming gives you an easy access to all the shortcut keys that are available out there along with a quick access to the volume key. Azio MGK1 Gaming also comes with a 6-foot long braided cable for the USB pass through to allow you to connect the device. You will also get a palm rest which you can detach at will.


These are all the best mechanical keyboards of the year 2017 that we think you should consider if you are planning to buy one. Do you know any other best mechanical keyboards which you think will be on this list? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.