10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Windows 10

In the world that we live in, time is always our top priority, and hence it becomes essential to keep track of the same, be it for a company work or your very own business. And if you are a freelancer, keeping track of your time is very important as you have to bill your client according to your time. In this article, we will talk about the best time tracking apps for Windows 10 OS that you can download and keep track of your time. These best Windows 10 time tracking apps are a great way to track time and help you save up on time.

10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Windows 10

1) Toggl

Best Time Tracking Apps

Toggl is one of the most sought for time tracking app for Windows 10. It is because of the app’s simplicity and the remarkable features that the app is providing the clients with, which includes various tag entries that you can use in case you are doing multiple entry projects with a group.

It also helps keep track of your website and program usage and tracks your computer’s idle time. You can also make Toggl auto-track your time by only using specific keywords. Toggl also gives you various reports.

2) Everhour

Best Time Tracking Apps

If you are a freelancer on the lookout for a time tracking app that will allow you to grow in your work, then Everhour is one of the best apps that you can get your hands on. This app is available for free on the web and also provides you with several filters while getting the report. All you need to do is hashtag your title to enter it to v, and it will automatically start tracking the activity to provide you with a report. You can use the Chrome extension to prevent leaving a page.

3) eZClocker

eZCloker Time Tracking App

ezClocker is a simple to use and affordable time tracking software for small businesses. If your employees are not tech-savvy, then this app is a great choice for you. Employees can clock in with a touch of a button, view their schedule and total hours worked. Employers use ezClocker to view timesheets, create schedules, view overtime, and export time entries to process payroll. Other features include restricting employees from clocking in early to help avoid overtime. This application also allows employees to pick a job when clocking in for labor job costing.

4) Paydirt

Best Time Tracking Apps

If you need a time tracker that goes smoothly with your Windows 10 device and helps you to build your quotes and invoice too, then you have to try your hands on Paydirt. Paydirt helps with tracking the various websites you visit for your work along with the keywords you often use while working, and the next time you use it, it will automatically provide you with a pop up asking whether to start a timer for the same. If you are a freelancer who forgets to switch on the timer from time to time, then Paydirt is made for you.

5) Timely

Best Time Tracking Apps

Just like the name suggests, Timely is one of those apps which is beautiful yet different from all the other apps that are present on the web for Windows 10. With Timely, you won’t have to put on your timer separately, all you need to do is schedule your day with Timely, and it will automatically track your time. Not just that, Timely also helps in integrating all your calendars together such that those events are timed too. Timely also comes with a drag and drop feature that allows you to check logged versus planned income.

6) Harvest

When it comes to time tracking app for freelancers, one of the favorite choices of theirs is Harvest. But what makes Harvest so popular? The app offers details that are extremely feature-rich as well as easy to use. The project dashboard can be easily accessed so that you can view or dig deep if required. Harvest is the right choice for people who are working in teams.

7) Paymo

Want a time tracking app for your Windows 10 device that will act as a complete project manager for the work you are working on? Have your tried Paymo? Whenever you are working on a web page, you will have your tracker visible so that you can readily keep a check on the time used on a particular web page while you are working. Although it is great for your Windows 10, you can also take Paymo mobile so that your teammates can attend the same on the go. Paymo is automatic and runs in the background to prevent disturbances.

8) TimeCamp

TimeCamp is the next time tracker that we have on our list and there is a reason why it is so. Apart from having a host of average time tracking features for the users to use, v also has a host of integration features that help you do much more than just time tracking. If you are someone who needs to keep an eye on your teammates for a particular project, then TimeCamp is a must use for you. TimeCamp helps in automatically tracking the time for your team and hence it is a great pick for multitaskers.

9) ClickTime

Keeping track of your whole teams’ time so that you can make a report on who can invest time on your next project can be a tough job. Hence, you need to use a time tracking app. If you are looking for an app that does all this and works great with your Windows 10, then you should use ClickTime right now. ClickTime helps you to show your whole teams’ performance at one go so that you can evaluate all of them without having to switch to other pages for checking on various people’s reports while planning.

10) RescueTime

One of the major problems with time tracking apps is that if you don’t turn it on, it simply won’t work. If you are someone who is prone to forgetting to switch on your time tracker then RescueTime is ideal for you. RescueTime keeps running in the background, helping you keep track of all the activities you do throughout the day. It shows you how you use every minute on social media site which can easily add up to hours of wastage. It can also classify various websites that you visit as per their categories.

11) Klok

Klok is one of the most useful time tracking app for Windows 10. You can easily install it on your device and helps in keeping track of time on all the projects that you are probably working on at the same time. All you need to do is add your project and provide some details. It will enable the app to automatically keep a track of all the various tasks you are doing for that particular project. It also helps with billing your hours if the need is so, such that you won’t have to do it separately.

Although we have listed 10 of the best Windows 10 time tracking apps that are available on the web for you, you have to make sure which app works the best for you and use the same for your work. Best of luck!

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