Ten Best Windows Music Production Software

If you want to make your unique music composition, then you do not need to buy expensive instruments or join a studio. There are many music production software available in the web world that offers all musical tools that you can expect and require to create your kind of music. These tools are highly popular across the globe, and many Bands, Musicians, and Individual Artists use it. They bring a complete Studio on your computer screen and help beginners master the music and professionals to achieve their goals. In this post, I will share the Ten Best Windows Music Production Software.

Ten Best Windows Music Production Software

Ten Best Windows Music Production Software

Certain things you should check before purchasing a music/audio production software. It includes the ability to support various MIDI and audio tracks, loop library, variety of virtual instruments, or does it have a multiband equalizer to fine-tune your recordings, or does it support third-party plugins, etc. Here in this article, we have listed some of the most famous and best Windows Music production software. Some of them are free, and some are paid, please have a look at the best Windows music production software.

1) Mixcraft Pro Studio

Ten Best Windows Music Production Software

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is an award-winning music production software that sports audiophile sample rates and bit depths at very low latencies. The software is compatible with the latest versions of Windows OS. The software is specially designed for professional musicians and provides fast musical results. In a single recording session you can, you can record digital audio from guitar, drums, and vocals simultaneously.

There are multiple tools available such as reverbs, bass enhancers, amp simulators, compressors, delays, etc. to shape the sound and create radio-ready tracks without any hassle. The software includes over 7,000 loops, samples, and sound effects. It also packs 20 virtual instruments, 52 effects, and plugins worth $1100. It has a built-in video editing tool so that users can produce their film scores.

More on the official website of Mixcraft Pro Studio

2) Reaper

Ten Best Windows Music Production Software

Reaper is easy to use and effective music production software, which packs tons of useful features. It Provides multichannel support through robust audio and MIDI routing. It is well coded, efficient, loads faster, and users can install as well as run it from the portable drive or network too. Users can take the help of multiple studio-quality effects for audio processing and MIDI and create new effects with built-in tools.

The new version has come up with many improvements in video support, API and scripting improvements, Flexible VCA control, and many more. The software supports multiple audio interfaces, effects, and third-party plugins. Users get a 60-day free trial before purchasing the license of Reaper.

More on the official website of Reaper.

3) Reason Studio’s REASON

Reason Studios Reason Music production

It is a popular and highly durable music production software which is compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS. The software is fast as well as easy to use and allows users to drag and drop items between interfaces. The Reason 9 features Pitch Edit, Player devices, and 1000 great new synth patches too. Reason 9 can split and merge the audio files automatically, which is exceptional. The software supports all MIDI hardware and equips studio-grade mixing console. The software includes lots of musical instruments and effects which helps professional as well as novice to create ultimate music of their choice.

Download Reason

4) Ableton Live Intro

Ableton Live Intro

Ableton Live Intro is a robust and highly creative music production software that allows users to compose, remix, and perform on a live concert effortlessly. The software provides fluid workflow, and robust real-time stretching makes audio processing fast and effective. Live 9 Intro packs 26 effects and four sound libraries and three software instruments which help users to create unique soundtracks. The software is compatible with all kinds of instruments and controllers, which eventually allows users to perform live on stage. The software enables Multi-track audio recording at up to 32-bit/192 kHz too, and offers advanced sequencing and arranging capabilities.

Download Ableton Live IntroRelated: Eight Music tools to split and merge

5) Cubase

Cubase Music Production Software

It is one of the best music production software which is being used by many users across the globe. The Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Artist 8.5 provides a smooth workflow and includes multiple tools to enhance your creativity. The software is highly useful for Song Writers, Bands, Electronic music Producers, Singers, Guitarists, and Beat producers. It includes intuitive Drum, Key, List editors, MIDI editing toolset, MPC-style drum sampler,  two-part virtual guitar along with the bass tone suite, composing features, embedded MixConsole and many more. It packs extended Chord Pads to compose ultimate soundtracks and allows users to locate their content faster with MediaBay project racks. The software is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS.

Download Cubase

6) Hotstepper

Hotstepper professional music production software

Hotstepper is free to download and offers easy to use the functionality to the music enthusiasts. The software is highly recommended for Bands and individual Guitarists, Bassists, Music Composers, and singers. It is compatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system and packs 12 channels along with multiple sound samples that help users to create the ultimate music. The software allows users to store their tracks in WAV format and export those files into the desired location after finishing the composition. It integrates a beatmaker program which provides advance stretching of the sound according to the length of the beat. The software integrates various instruments and multiple tools to enhance your creativity.

Download Hotstepper | Related: Best Music Players for Windows 10

7) FL Studio

FL Studio Music Software

This fantastic Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is developed by image-line and is compatible with the latest Windows OS. Users get the newest version while downloading, which is free and also get regular updates without any charge. The software flaunts an easy to use and intuitive interface and multi-touch support to advance level. The new version includes an updated browser, channel rack, piano roll, redesigned icons, and multilink to the controller. The software is useful for masters as well as novice and includes multiple tools that help you to compose your music with less effort and time. The new version also packs improved controllers and features.

Download FL Studio

8) Ordrumbox

Ordrum Software Music

Ordrumbox is a unique open-source beat making software that has become highly popular in the past year due to its advanced functionality. If you have Windows 10, Linux, or the Latest Mac OS X version, then is it one of the best options to create your beat. Users can download this software for free from the website of Ordrumbox and enjoy its easy to use yet powerful features. The software lets users change the in-built settings to create their music effortlessly. Exporting music files created with this tool are also very simple. The rhythms and sound databases include multiple music items that can be fully edited. The softsynth section is also customizable and allows users to add synthetic sounds to the library as pre-sets.

Download Ordrumbox


LMMS Music Software

It is another free digital audio workstation that works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Users can create music in multiple ways, like arranging samples or mixing the sound of synthesizers and sequencers. The software comes up with a wide range of sample files so that the user can get inspiration from them and create music of his/her own. Users can playback various instruments by using the MIDI keyboard in a user-friendly interface. The wide variety of native instruments allows beginners to learn them with ease and show their creativity. Users can import MIDI files, FL Studio project files, and Hydrogen project files too. The Piano Roll Editor lets users adjust notes, fine-tune patterns, chords, and melodies with ease.

Download LMMS

10) Hydrogen

Hydrogen Music Software

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine that provides full support for Linux. However, the beta Versions work well with Windows operating systems. The software is highly recommended for beat making and allows users to create, mix, and edit ultimate musical tracks easily with the help of its robust features and tool. The interface is intuitive yet straightforward, and even if you are not technically sound, it can be utilized by you to compose and records music files of your own choice. You can store files within the software in various file formats and export them to the desired location without any hassle.

Download Hydrogen


All the Windows music production software listed above not just record music, but also lets you expand your wings and shape your creativity. They include many useful features and tools to help you in making exceptional music compositions. Hopefully, after going through the list of best Windows music production software, you might have found the one that suits your needs best. We will appreciate if you share your experience with the software mentioned above with us. Do not hesitate to provide your valuable feedback.

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