12 Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2017

2017 is here and it seems to be an awesome year for all the gamers out there. There has been a host of cool games which were announced for Xbox One. We have gathered 12 of the best games which are going to be released this year and which can be played on Xbox One that includes some cool sequels along with some originals to get you all excited.

In this article, we will be showcasing best upcoming Xbox One games that we think will make the top of the charts. All these games are selected on the basis of story, graphics, latest features and much more.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

I know Resident Evil 6 was a major fail when it came out because we all were disappointed by the level of action presented by the game. But Resident Evil promises to return to its full glory of ‘survival horror’ with Resident Evil 7 which is supposed to be a worthy sequel of the previous versions with all the dread and suspense.

You will be the first person player and from what we have witnessed so far, the environment is quite dark and dingy to begin with. Another major benefit of Resident Evil 7 is that it is completely supported on VR devices. We are eagerly awaiting for the spine chilling, first player experience.

Release date: January 24th

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard

2. For Honor

When you are a lover of disorganized combats then you must fall in love with For Honor. For Honor is a multiplayer game which allows you to engage in a melee combat with the likes of knights, samurais and Vikings. The game setting is in a chaotic battlefield, which brings forth even more effect to the fighting.

All the combat skills used in the game are quite exciting and be it the last second block or the hit, all of them have quite some weightage attached. The animations are motion captured and are graceful and fluid in nature. These animations are unique with respect to each of the characters that can be played by you in the game.

Release date: February 14th.

3. Sniper Elite 4

Ready to show off the shooter in you? Sniper Elite 4 will allow you to use all the shooting skills you have in you with the awesome graphics and a good continuation of the story that had begun quite some time ago. Karl is still fighting his way through the era of World War 2 but his bullet timings are more gruesome than it was earlier and he has reached as far as Mussolini’s den in Italy where the Nazis were always welcome. Karl, however, has a different point of view and you have to help him protect his country against the fascism of the Nazis and gain victory by making England win and the d day landing.

Release Date: February 14th

4. Halo Wars 2

If you try to compare it with the original Halo, you might be a bit disappointed. But if you are looking for something which is a bit different from the original game, then you will be addicted to Halo Wars 2. With awesome tactical actions on offer, Halo Wars 2 comes in a multiplayer version which allows as many as six players to join the fun at once.

With so many players playing at once, you can expect the game to be quite gruesome. You get to fight against “the Banished” who are a new kind of enemy to be taken care of. You will be supplied by the Halo rings from a forerunner installer which makes the game more attractive in nature.

Release Date: February 21st

5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you weren’t fond of the advanced tech that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is usually associated with then you are in luck. Ubisoft has decided to remove it in order to make Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands a more rugged game which is down to earth and allows the players enter a team based military ops. The background of the game is set in the modern time Bolivia, where a drug cartel is in full swing. You have to make sure that you take down this cartel in a systematic manner along with your elite team to save humankind and return victorious. The setting is in a giant open world and is packed with action.

Release date: March 7th

6. Mass Effect: Andromeda

If you thought that the game ended with Shepherd taking down the Reapers and saving the world, then you are mistaken. Mass Effect: Andromeda brings forth a whole new world of adventure for you to indulge in. From what we know, Mass Effect: Andromeda allows the gamers to go on search to find a new home for the whole of humanity.

Although Mass Effect: Andromeda is mostly a hush hush job right now, from what the trailer shows, it is going to be quite a slick game to be played. Mass Effect: Andromeda packs an adventure filled with shooting, romance and conversations, in sync with the older version of the trilogy which is why we are even more.

Release date: March 21st

7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

As the cartoon always takes on the current issues in sarcastically so does the game which is a satirical take on Hollywood’s obsession with superheroes and super teams which combats against the evil of the world. The forever children who dwell in South Park are at war with each other, each supporting their favorite heroes and dousing the others. You are the new kid on the block and get to choose your hero whom you want to support and the gender of your character too. The makers have been dedicately involved in every step of South Park: The Fractured But Whole where the farts seem to be making a comeback to add on to the fun.

Release date: March 31st

8. Yooka-Laylee

If you are looking for something cute to play with on your Xbox, then Yooka-Laylee is the perfect match for you. Here you get to travel across a gorgeous landscape which is home to the birds and the bears. Throughout the game you will be guiding the duo of Yooka the chameleon and Laylee the bat across this beautiful landscape where you will face various actions such as jumps, run across and snags from heights which will be quite tempting.

This game is perfect for all the junior Xbox users out there and tries to bring in all the simple glee from the era of N64 colllectathons. The game is set in a 3D background for enhancing the fun factor.

Release date: April 11th

9. Tekken 7

As facts state, Tekken 7 has been available in the Japanese market since 2015 but hasn’t yet made its way into the western markets. With some luck, we will be able to witness this enthralling game this year and we surely hope that this extended wait is worth it. Bandai Namco’s famous 3D characters makes a comeback in this game along with some newcomers.

The veterans of King of Iron Fist Tournament along with players like Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya’s mother makes a comeback in Tekken 7 who is capable of performing tiger uppercuts with the help of her beast companion. Tekken 7 is going to be loaded with animations which are heavy hitting along with bizarre backgrounds.

Release date: Early 2017

10. LEGO City Undercover

This is a detective game which is being introduced by Nintendo. You get to take the identity of Chase McCain, who is an undercover detective who can take any and every possible disguise. The game allows the players to run, jump and even fly through the city while trying to solve the crime that has occurred.

You can use the Wii pad as a map and crime scanner which is indispensable in nature. This is the first time the Lego city will be a part of a video game in the form of LEGO City Undercover. You will be able to take on various drug lords and mafia gangs with the help of this game where you are enthralled up on with the duty of protecting the city.

Release date: Spring 2017

11. Injustice 2

In love with all the super heroes around? Then Injustice 2 is something you need to be excited about. It brings forth all the coolest superheroes like Batman, Superman along with some of the other most coveted heroes and villains. Any and every fan of DC Comics will go gaga over this game which is 2.5D in nature. The scene of this game has been gathered over time which makes all the characters develop through the time to gain special abilities and be customized. They also have additional gears to help them. This game has tons of fan service to back it up and rides on the engine which powered Mortal Combat.

Release date: May 16th

12. Vampyr

This is an action roleplaying game which puts you in the shoes of Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, who has been recently converted into a vampire. The background is set in a semi open world of London where Dr. Reid resides. He now has a choice between becoming super powerful by killing enough people and drinking their blood or saving the people from the hands of a Spanish flu which is causing a havoc.

He can customize his weapons to fight against enemies such as the “Guard of Priwen” who are the vampire slayers and the “skulls” or the mutated vampires out there. Reid is also capable of customizing weapons with the help of parts taken from the body of the victims.

Release date: No Date Confirmed

These are some of the most awesome game that are releasing in 2017 for Xbox. We hope that you are as excited as us and are eagerly awaiting the release of the games so that you can try out your skills on them.

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