1Password Extension for Microsoft Edge is now available in the Windows Store

Looks like Edge is getting all popular extension one after the other. Last week it was EnPass, and today 1Password extension for Edge is available in the Windows Store for everyone. Windows Team had been very careful about getting extensions onboard Edge, and they are manually approved right now. 1Password previously was available as a Desktop App.

That said, you should know that 1Password is a paid service, It will cost you $2.99 for one user, and for a family (5 members), it will cost you $4.99 which makes it an ideal solution for many. The extension offers auto fill for saved websites, can automatically start saving the password when it detects a login, there is a password generator, you can save your credit card information, and so on.

Source: Windows Store

Also, the extension works with 1Password for Windows version 6.7 or newer installed. That’s kind of odd but that’s how it works for now.

Its good to see all password managers arriving on Edge. It is one type of extensions anybody wants to have when they are switching between browsers. Recently Edge team shared about the availability of Edge browser on iOS and Android. The basic idea is Windows users who have Windows 10 PC, can have the same experience on the Phone as well. This needs all the standard browser features to become available in the Edge along with extensions.

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Price: Free

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