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20 Best Themes for Windows 11/10

If you love to personalize your PC with the kind of pictures that reflect you, you will be delighted to go through some of these beautiful themes that capture various delights of nature, cities, and daily life objects. Here is the list of some of the best themes for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

How to download Themes for Windows?

To download the themes, you can go to the Microsoft store directly. Or you can follow the following trail Settings > Personalization > Themes > Themes Settings. Here you will get an option called Get more themes online, which you can click to get more awesome themes.

So, without further adieu, have a look at some of the best Windows 11/10 themes available for you to decorate your PC in style.

Best Themes for Windows

Best Themes for Windows 11/10

  1. Dark Skies
  2. FischlandDarZingst
  3. Natural Landscapes
  4. Insects 2
  5. Hong Kong Park
  6. Dramatic Skies
  7. Large and Small
  8. Painted Skies
  9. Everyday Art 4
  10. The rainbow of Birds by Tracie Louise
  11. Dogs in Summer
  12. Dramatic Skies 2
  13. Showcase Everyday Art
  14. PNW Wildlife
  15. Sardinian Shores
  16. Shadowboxes 2
  17. Tulip Festival
  18. Pomerania
  19. Fauna 2
  20. Liquid Jewels

You can customize each of these themes using the Windows Personalisation section. 

1] Dark Skies by Tracy Hymas

It is one of the most fabulous themes available on the Windows 11/10 OS, which provides your desktop with beautiful pictures of cloud-laden skies that are beautiful and intimidating at the same time.

Download from Store

2] FischlandDarZingst by Markus Janse

Sunsets are always beautiful to look at. Sunsets provide the soul with a calm that doesn’t exist in any other form of nature. Adorning your PPC with beautiful sunset pictures is one of the best things ever, and you can do so with the help of this theme.

Download Store

3] Community Showcase Natural Landscapes

Mother nature holds in herself a host of delights for us humans to delve in, and landscapes are but one of her gifts to humankind. This theme provides users with beautiful landscapes that will enhance the beauty of your Windows device.

Download from Store

4] Community Showcase Insects 2

Insects can be creepy, and they can scare the hell out of you, but they are beautiful at the same time. When clicked from the right angle, insects can provide beautiful pictures for your desktop wallpaper, which is precisely depicted through this theme.

Download from Store

5] Hong Kong Park by Chris Chung

Apart from being a beautiful city in itself, Hong Kong also provides its dwellers and visitors with a host of beautifully ornate and maintained parks. Chris Chung has done justice in capturing glimpses of these parks and converting them into a beautiful theme.

Download from Store

6] Community Showcase Dramatic Skies

This theme captures the various shades of colors brought out in the sky when clouds and sunlight are playing on it. Like a mirror, the sky reflects the bursts of color brought out by this remarkable pair, and it is beautifully captured in this theme.

Download from Store

7] Large and Small by Ondrej Vlcek

Small things can hold immense beauty in them, observed in macro photography. Ondrej Vlcek has captured the tiniest parts of nature to reveal the treasures of beauty they carry in them. To decorate your Windows PC with these beauties, download the theme.

Download from Store

8] Painted Skies by Brook Burling

Another beautiful depiction of the colors of nature through the sunsets that light up the skies with vivid colors that are heartwarming and, at the same time, serene to the eyes of the onlooker. Get this theme and adorn your PC in some of the most breathtaking sunsets ever.

Download from Store

9] Community Showcase Everyday Art 4

Everyday objects are so common that we don’t pause and look at them to unearth the beauty they hold. This theme is made of pictures that bring out the beauty of everyday objects.

Download from Store

10] Rainbow of Birds by Tracie Louise

Birds are one of Mother Nature’s gifts, which enhances the earth with their color and their music. Sadly the theme can’t capture their songs, but it beautifully brings out the vivid colors of our feathered friends.

Download from Store

11] Dogs in Summer

Mans’ best friends can be very photogenic from time to time. If you are a dog lover, this theme would be your perfect choice for your Windows 11/10 system. It captures the playful nature of the dogs in the summer light.

Download from Store

12] Community Showcase Dramatic Skies 2

Skies can display some of the most vivid colors of nature when it forms a combination with clouds. The enthralling beauty of the skies when they are playing with the clouds is captured in the wallpapers of this theme.

Download from Store

13] Community Showcase Everyday Art

Some of the most common objects of daily use, along with the perfect angles to capture their beauty, are converted in the wallpapers of this theme. This theme is a must-have for all the minimalist lovers out there.

Download from Store

14] PNW Wildlife by Christopher D Elliott

Animals always make fantastic wallpapers and when captured in their natural environment. The photographer has done justice to the various moods of the animals by capturing them in this theme. Check out for yourself and download it soon.

Download from Store

15] Sardinian Shores by Giovanni Cultrera

Sardinia beholds some of the most beautiful shores ever. Giovanni Cultrera has captured some of the most beautiful phases of the Sardinian beaches and collated them to create this beautiful theme which you can check out.

Download from Store

16] Shadowboxes 2 by Chris Maynard

The play of light and shadows creates some of the best magic. Chris Maynard has beautifully captured the playfulness of light and shadow used to create this theme.

Download from Store

17] Tulip Festival by Thiyagarajan Swaminathan

Beautiful, gorgeous, colorful, pretty, no matter what adjective you use, all will fall short when it comes to these images of tulips, which are captured well by Thiyagarajan Swaminathan and used to make up this fantastic theme for Windows 11/10.

Download from Store

18] Pomerania by Frank Hojenski

Sunsets, boats, skies, oceans: one of the best combinations for wallpapers for your Windows 11/10 PC. Get this theme to make your PC beautiful and be elated every time you sit down to work.

Download from Store

19] Community Showcase Fauna 2

Animals in various moods and habitats make up this theme for you. If you are an animal lover, you must have this theme to decorate your Windows OS.

Download from Store

20] Liquid Jewels by Shilpa S Rao

Water droplets, along with beautiful flowers, create wonders in the wallpapers of this fantastic theme.

Download from Store

These are some of the best themes which can be downloaded from the available link to be applied to your Windows PC. Have fun!

Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.



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