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How to download free Live wallpaper in Windows 11/10 (Animated)

Do you know why people go crazy over live wallpapers? For one, they are much better than plain wallpapers, which have images of some beautiful places that you have never visited or probably never will, but moreover, they give a touch of life to your device. This post has a shared list of software to download free Live wallpaper in Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Note: Animated wallpaper Windows uses more battery power than regular ones. It may hinder the performance of those devices. So, when using free animated wallpapers, keep an eye on them by using the Task Manager.

Software to download free Live wallpaper in Windows 10

We have listed some of the best software for live wallpapers or animated wallpapers.

  • DisplayFusion
  • Dream Scene Activator
  • DeskScapes
  • DreamRender
  • Video Wallpaper

Try each of them, and then use what works best for you.

1] DisplayFusion

DisplayFusion is one of the most powerful Windows software that you will get for live wallpapers. Either load images from your computer onto the app, or you can also get amazing pictures from 25 various sources. You can use the inbuilt timer, which will automatically change the wallpaper.

DisplayFusion also detects the configuration of your device and applies the wallpapers accordingly. Apart from providing you with unique wallpapers, it also allows you to customize the whole look of your desktop. You can pick and choose the information or icon that you want to appear on the display of your desktop with the help of DisplayFusion.

Display Fusion Animated Wallpaper

Download DisplayFusionto grab some of the best Windows 11 animated wallpaper.

2] Dream Scene Activator

Next on our list comes the Dream Scene Activator, another brilliant Windows software. It helps you tap into beautiful live or animated wallpapers to liven up your device display. Dream Scene Activator is not just another wallpaper downloader for your system.

It provides a completely customizable solution for live wallpaper Windows on your Windows device. The software is not cumbersome and takes up very little space on your device. Apart from providing you with the option for live wallpapers, it also allows you to keep small videos as your background display. 

Download Dream Scene Activator

3] DeskScapes

Apart from downloading live wallpapers, you can choose any image from your device as wallpaper and then select to add effects to them. DeskScapes provides you with a host of 40 various effects that can be applied to create a live wallpaper on your Windows device.

You can also customize the present wallpaper with various animations to provide the extra zing. In the case of your screensaver, you will be provided with a host of dreams from which you can select for applying to your device.

Download DeskScapes for some of the brilliant Animated wallpaper for Windows 11

4] DreamRender

As the name suggests, DreamRender brings life to your dream of applying animated or live wallpapers on your Windows device. DreamRender provides your desktop with a unique 3D window. It gives you a break from the regular plain wallpapers you use and gives the display a super cool look.

It has over a hundred effects that can be selected and applied on your Windows desktop. You can even take your favorite wallpaper and animate it. You can also add a timer that automatically changes the wallpaper according to your allotted time.

Download DreamRender

5] Video Wallpaper

Video Wallpaper boosts the entertainment factor of your Windows display. You can use it to apply animation or make any video as a screensaver. You can change the sequence of playing the videos or the wallpaper using multiple modes. It lets you download and list the various videos or animated images. Lastly, when running out of battery, Video wallpaper can get into sleep mode.

Download Video Wallpaper to get live wallpaper for Windows 11 as a free download.

We hope that the list of wallpapers provided to you is enough to help you create animated wallpapers and apply them to your Windows device. These are some of the best software we have found for you after searching extensively to have the best live/animated wallpaper experience ever. We hope you enjoy the wallpaper and features provided to you by this Windows software. Have fun!

Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.



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