7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10

If you plan to go on an official trip or even a family vacation, one of the handy companions for trips is your smartphone. They provide you with routes, currencies, basic language conversions, best hotel and cab rates, and much more.

There are quite a lot of good free apps available for planning your travel or your holiday. These apps let you get the best deals on flights, hotels, taxis, etc. We pick the best ones available for Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10.

7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10


Kayak is one of the popular sites for travel, and you can use it to find a flight, hotel, or car using your Windows Phone. Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites at once and gives you the best option for your travel plans.

7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10


Uber is a well-known cab service available across the world and provides the cheapest cab option for travel.  Uber has a budget and premium option and books the cab via an app-only approach, and the fares are also very much competitive. The app is available for both Windows Phone and Windows 10 desktop.

7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10

Bing Translator

Bing Translator helps you overcome the language barrier. Use your camera, voice, or keyboard to translate on-the-go, even without an Internet connection. This is particularly useful when you are going to a country where English is not the primary language. One of the important aspects is the offline translator.

Bing translator


Zomato is your best option to search for and discover great places to eat. It’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use restaurant finder app that lets you explore all the dining options in your city. Browse through updated menus, pictures, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat and use the map feature to guide you there.

7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10

HERE Explore

HERE Explore Beta helps you find places using a new contextual recommendation engine. Find a late-night snack, a scenic vista point, or a selection of interesting places around you. HERE Explore Beta recommends places to go based on your location, the quality of places, and the time of day. Search and discover places to eat, stay, or sightsee and save these to your own private collections.

7 Best Travel Apps for Windows 10

XE Currency

A currency converter is an important tool if you are traveling abroad. XE Currency is a handy app that allows you to convert almost all currencies in the world. Convert every world currency with XE Currency with live currency rates and charts.

XE currency


Tripadvisor is one of the best sites to check reviews and ratings for hotels and resorts.  With over 250 million reviews and opinions from travelers worldwide, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, the best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do wherever you go.


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