7 WordPress Mass Email Plugins For Businesses

What do you think is the most effective way to promote your WordPress website keeping the visitors engaged? Yes, you have guessed it right; we are going to refer to email marketing.

Email Marketing allows you to send commercial messages and updates to the users through emails. Though it may sound simple, it is actually a lot of time-consuming when you don’t have a large team to carry out the email sending tasks. Well, this is when the mass email marketing plugins can be very helpful.

Wordpress Mass Email Plugins For Businesses

For any WordPress Development services in India, it is important to know the most useful plugins that can improve the WordPress user experience. Here we are going to list some of the most effective and time tested WordPress plugins for email marketing.

1. SendinBlue Subscribe Form And WP SMTP

SendinBlue Subscribe Form And WP SMTP is the name of the WordPress plugin for the email marketing service offered by SendinBlue. Thanks to this easy to use the plugin, you can easily carry out all the email marketing campaigns right from the WordPress website dashboard.

Some of the key features that this plugin offers include the following.

  • You can create custom subscription forms and then embed the same in pages, posts, or in widgets.
  • The plugin offers a drag-and-drop functionality to build email templates of your choice from scratch or use an existing template.
  • Through this plugin, you can categorize and automate the newsletters in a multitude of ways.
  • The plugin also allows you to see real-time email statistics corresponding to email clicks; email opens, etc.

2. Email Subscribers and Newsletters

In case you need a fully-featured robust email marketing and newsletter solution, this Email Subscribers & Newsletters is the right one.  It offers pretty much everything a WordPress website needs to run an email campaign without needing any third-party services.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • The plugin allows you to create a subscription box to the WordPress website to collect the email addresses you need for the campaign.
  • You can always send email newsletters manually through this plugin or can also send mass emails automatically on the basis of various triggers.
  • The plugin sends notifications as and when signing up from new subscribers takes place, and in response, automated welcome emails are sent.
  • The plugin also allows one to see the email data, including the time and date stamp of the email sender and the viewer.

3. Newsletter

The newsletter is a great self-sufficient email marketing plugin with all essential and popular features that email marketers generally need. As and when the plugin is installed on the WordPress website, one can instantly grab email addresses and send newsletters. The best thing is that the plugin doesn’t involve any complicated setup or configuration.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • The plugin helps to collect email addresses through a highly customizable widget, webpage, or an integrated form.
  • The plugin allows creating great newsletters through an easy to use drag-and-drop mechanism.
  • You can easily categorize the list to approach different audiences with well-targeted messages.
  • You also have a central panel to setup and configure the plugin as per your need and keep track of the email campaigns.

4. MailChimp for WordPress

This is a plugin that connects the WordPress website to the Mailchimp email marketing service. Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing service that can help your campaigns with professional and customized mass email campaigns. In case you are already a Mailchimp user, the plugin can further help to grow the email list.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • The plugin allows you to build customized sign-up forms and incorporate them into the respective WordPress website.
  • While creating and integrating the email forms, it offers a variety of form builders and e-commerce plugins as per your need.
  • The plugin also allows you to keep track of the email campaigns and get all statistics.
  • As and when any new subscriber signs up, you get notifications automatically regarding the same.

5. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot, the globally renowned digital marketing service platform, offers a completely free, reliable, and well-featured email marketing tool suitable particularly for new startups and growing businesses. This toolset is actually a part of the free WordPress plugin from HubSpot.

HubSpot Email Marketing allows you to create highly professional emails for marketing needs. The emails created by this tool can easily engage the audience and help the audience with a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop builder. HubSpot Email with an inbuilt connection with HubSpot CRM can help businesses to send the most relevant emails as per specific business requirements.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • The plugin helps to create eye-catchy and effective emails through the drag and drop builder.
  • The users can also make use of HubSpot’s objectively oriented email templates that are also available in the free version.
  • The plugin allows personalizing the subject lines, email content, included links, email attachments, and the call-to-action (CTA).
  • Finally, it also helps to make the emails better and flawless by allowing A/B testing of the email campaigns.
  • The plugin also offers analytics to keep track of email activity data over time.

6. Mailster

Mailster is another great plugin for email marketing on the WordPress platform. It is a fully self-sufficient solution for WordPress users, and you never need a third-party service for using this plugin. Besides the free version, the plugin also comes with a premium version with a load full of features.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • The plugin allows creating a wide variety of emails through a rich library of templates and a comprehensive drag-and-drop app builder.
  • The plugin allows you to set up and configure automation as per your need, and you can also send emails on the basis of particular triggers.
  • The plugin allows categorizing and managing email lists right from the WordPress platform itself.
  • The plugin also offers a central dashboard with multiple layers of analytics on the email subscribers.

7. MailPoet

MailPoet is a plugin that comes with a freemium model with both a free and a premium version. The plugin can work right from the WordPress dashboard. The plugin allows you to create, schedule, and send emails right from the website and manage the email lists.

Some of the key features of the plugin include the following.

  • With this plugin, you can build a subscription form and incorporate it in any place on the website.
  • The plugin either allows you to create emails right from scratch or just through any of the templates.
  • With the plugin, you can create several different subscriber lists while managing all of them right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • The plugin always notifies you as soon as new signup happened and welcomes the new user with emails.


When you have a WordPress Email Marketing plugin at your side, you can easily have freedom from many worries regarding the time consuming and complex mass email marketing. All these plugins mostly make things easier with redraft and drop builders or easy to use templates. You can always go for a plugin with a lot of value-added features or just can opt for the simple one with basic capability.

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