Eight Best Music Files Split and Merge Tools

Have you recently bought music or an MP3 player? Do you want to edit or trim the music files? If yes,  the urge to create your piece of music from various music files can be quenched. However, you may feel at a loss because you don’t know where and how to start? If you are interested in blending songs and want to create your piece, then look no further and download any one from below list of the Best Music Files Split and Merge Tools

Eight Best Music Files Split and Merge Tools

Yes, these best music files split and merge tools are just awesome and bring out the creativity out of you. Have a look at them and download according to your needs.

  1. MP3splt
  2. WavePad Audio File Splitter
  3. Audacity
  4. FL Studio
  5. My MP3 Splitter
  6. Wondershare Filmora
  7. Cool MP3 Splitter and Joiner
  8. Wavosaur

Most of them are free, but few of them are paid. If you are looking for premium software, you can think of investing in them.

1] MP3splt

This tool can split your MP3 files, FLAX, etc. quite easily.  It is an open source platform and accepts multiple bases for the command line. These command lines come with the top class features. As soon as you download the tool, you will be presented with a state of the art GUI of mp3splt. From this, you can build and adjust your split points at whatever fixed intervals you want. You can also cut the selected soundtracks into equal pieces, take out that track from the MP3Wrap integrated album and finally plays that so you can know where to put the trim option.  It is freely available on the internet and is compatible with any versions of Windows.


Download MP3splt

2] WavePad Audio File Splitter

This tool is super easy to download and is perfect if you like to play with large mp3 files. You can quickly split the files into any number of time frames or according to the number of times you want. It can be used for mp3, .wav, and any other extensions of files you have. The tool will split based on length, and it can detect the silence very quickly and will cut the files at those specific points. The user interface is also amicable, and the user can effortlessly use the tool and create files of any sizes. This tool paid, but you can have limited access to features in free. It is compatible with any Windows as well as Mac OS 10.4 or higher. It only runs on an Android version which is 2.3.3 or above.


Download WavePad Audio File Splitter

3] Audacity

Audacity is a free audio editor. It will not only split and merge your files but also let you do other higher end cool tricks. The editor offers professional features like supporting live recording or editing multiple tracks at once. The best part of the tool is that despite being overloaded, it is straightforward to use. The user interface is such that even a non-specialist would work out efficiently.

  • It has different kinds of editing processes according to your needs.
  • Supports many audio formats like mp3, WAV, etc. For some extensions, you might have to download a separate encoder which is not a headache.
  • Features include right from cut and paste to noise or vocal reductions.
  • Multi-platform support and has some brilliant sound effects for the user to use in their files.
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Download Audacity

4] FL Studio 12.1.2

It is not just a simple audio editor but is a full-fledged workstation for digital audio. It let you not only mix but create music according to your likes. This tool is regularly updated, and you can avail any latest cool professional features. This tool is awe-inspiring if you have a monitor that supports multi-touch. It is a very professional type of device and can be interpreted the same if you notice its user interface. The most loved features are enhanced file browser, availability of various kinds of fresh as well as professional plugins, and UI is scalable. It is available in three versions depending upon the professionalism you want and is priced according to that only. The tool can be run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android platform. Its apps are also available for use in mobile.

Download FL Studio 12.1.2

5] My MP3 Splitter


Sometimes you are just interested in trimming the music files or remove some section for an enhanced experience; then you should use this tool. This tool is very light and has plenty of features that work quickly. It has no-nonsense and straightforward UI and can be installed effortlessly. It supports only MP3 files. Once the tool splits the music files, the quality of the generated files is not degraded and is the same as the original. This free app makes the job of splitting look very easy and can be completed within few clicks. It works on any Windows platform.

Download My MP3 Splitter

6] Wondershare Filmora

It is considered one of the best video editors in its category. But it is equally the best audio editing tool too. It has applications for the same which will help the user edit the selected files with precision. You can create voice-overs and equally add background music. Also, it can edit the speed and convert your files. The best thing about this tool is it is compatible with any audio formats and can split and merge them. You can try it for free with limited features, but to avail the full features there is a small price. It supports any Windows platform.

Download Wondershare Filmora

7] Cool MP3 Splitter and Joiner

With its fade in and out feature, it can split your files into smaller individual pieces. The quality of the generated tracks remains the same as that of original files. You can convert the output into any audio formats. It has three types of processes for splitting; by time, size, and section. For example, if you have a file of a concert performance, you split the track into multiple tracks according to the songs. It has a Multi-thread split technology that gives you the best end product. It has a straightforward user interface that’s easy to use and quick to navigate. The free trial version is only for four times to use, and after that, the user needs to register and buy it.

Download Cool MP3 Splitter and Joiner

8] Wavosaur

It is another free audio editor tool. It lies between a simple music mixing tool and a workstation for digital audio. This tool is perfect for those who want to learn the professionalism of audio editing, but don’t want to get confused with those heavy duty apps. It can easily manage various types of music files. The software provides a straightforward UI for a person who wants a professional approach. You get some basic features like cut and paste, different processing ways, etc.

Wavosaur also has some stunning and brilliant advanced features too, like exporting files via third party or batch processing ability. It supports ASIO as well as VST format This tool is indeed a boon for all those newbies who want multi-channel audio editing support. This tool is available on any Windows OS platform.

Download Wavosaur

That is it; these are some of the best tools to split or merge music files with ease. These are not only for Windows, but many of these are available for Mac, Linux, and even mobile OS.

These tools to merge or split music files or MP3 files are useful for those who want to edit the audio files or song tracks so that your tracks don’t end at an awkward moment but go ahead and play uninterrupted. Your intention could be to have some fun, or you want to have a professional go on it, irrespective of the reasons you need a perfect tool to split or merge MP3 files. These music split or merge tools are a real asset if you happen to make your custom made ringtones.

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