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Nine Best Free Windows FTP Clients

Although website maintenance is relatively easy to deal with, you need to use an FTP client from time to time to make sure that the process is done in a time-saving and efficient manner. When it comes to the uploading of a massive inventory of files from the physical to the remote server, FTP becomes excessively handy. However, finding the best free Windows FTP Clients is a daunting task, which is why we have researched for you. They work both on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

This whole post is dedicated to the Windows FTP clients that we have used and liked in terms of functionality, usability, and features. So, without wasting too much time, have a look at the list, which allows you to complete your File transferring job with ease and for free.

Best FTP Clients Windows

Nine Best Free Windows FTP Clients

Here is the list of free and best Windows FTP clients that work on Windows and other versions.

  1. WinSCP
  2. Cyberduck
  3. FileZilla
  4. FireFTP
  5. Core FTP LE
  6. CoffeeCup Free FTP
  7. Free Open FTP Face
  8. Classic FTP
  9. OneButton FTP

Some of them offer a pro version for added features.

1. WinSCP

WinSCP is one of the best free FTP clients available for Windows OS. Although it might seem a bit complex on the first look, it is pretty easy to use. The WinSCP window is divided into two parts. The right division shows all the files on your system, while the left side shows the files available on the cloud server.

You can quickly transfer files from one storage to another by uploading or downloading the same. It also provides advanced options for pro users. WinSCP provides various advanced tools for the users to use and supports SSH and SFTP and the standard FTP.

Check out WinSCP

2. Cyberduck

If you are starting with an FTP client, Cyberduck is one of the best free Windows FTP clients. Cyberduck is straightforward to use and integrates your Windows system beautifully. It helps you to connect to every possible server. It has a beautiful cross-platform integration feature that will help you work on multiple platforms without the very hectic process.

Cyberduck also comes with a free code editor whereby you can access and edit the codes with ease by clicking just one button. It also allows you to encrypt files and file names individually, taking care of the security issues. It supports SFTP and has an array of tools for advanced users.

Check out Cyberduck

3. FileZilla

If you are on the lookout for the easiest to use FTP client available for Windows OS and that too for free, then you have to try out FileZilla. The only downside of FileZilla is the adware and spyware that come with installing the system. But you can always uncheck a box during installation to prevent this adware from getting established.

It is a cross-platform client and integrates beautifully with all the platforms. One of the best things about FileZilla is that it gets updated regularly, which means that the bugs will be routinely fixed, and it also enhances the user’s experience to give you a better feel.

Check out FileZilla

4. FireFTP

FireFTP is not specific to any OS but will work on any device that has Firefox installed. The best benefit of FireFTP is that you don’t have to shut down your browser while working on this FTP client. It opens as a new tab in the browser, which essentially means that you can keep your browser window open while working on FireFTP.

FireFTP is pretty easy to use and provides users with almost all kinds of protocol support, including SFTP. It allows you to quickly transfer files by drag and drop and enables you to utilize various tools that make the FTP interaction very easy. FireFTP is available in multiple languages.

Check out FireFTP

5. Core FTP LE

If you go by the looks of Core FTP LE, you will find it a bit dated, but that’s about it. Core FTP LE has much to offer to the users of the FTP client. It is a run-down version of Core FTP Pro. Core FTP LE has multiple views with which you can work, and it allows you to work with the client as per your preferences. The only problem with Core FTP LE is that the “not for commercial use” message appears every time you launch the program, which might seem a bit nagging at times. Core FTP LE allows browser integration and pausing of File upload and download as per need.

Check out Core FTP LE

6. CoffeeCup Free FTP

If you are a power user and need a pro-grade FTP client, you have to use CoffeeCup Free FTP.

It is one of the best free FTP clients for Windows made by CoffeeCup, known for its free HTML editor. CoffeeCup Free FTP allows you to customize the whole experience. You can configure how you need to so that it eases the use of the client and will enable you to transfer the files from one storage to another quickly. It allows you to use a host of features, but the problem with this free version is that it is presented with a lot of ads which can be tiring.

Check out CoffeeCup Free FTP

7. Free Open FTP Face

FOFF is essentially the short form of Free Open FTP Face. It is a multi-platform FTP client that allows you to integrate with your Windows OS with ease and finesse. It has a straightforward user interface that is very easy to use by beginners.

But at the same time, it also allows you to achieve all the tasks of an FTP client. The coordination between the physical and the remote server is exceptionally well done. It will enable you to upload or download files easily. FOFF is minimalistic when it comes to design and features. But given the various tools that it offers to the users, it can be said that it does a decent job.

Check out Free Open FTP Face

8. Classic FTP

It is one of the simplest to use FTP clients, mainly used in developing or maintaining websites. Classic FTP is compatible with almost all servers. The best part about this client is that it allows you to transfer your files in a very secure manner which doesn’t put your data at any risk.

One of the best things about this FTP is that you can customize it for the way you want to use it. It allows you to drag and drop files and enable you to synchronize relevant data automatically. CLASSIC FTP is a good start for people who are beginners.

Check out Classic FTP

9. OneButton FTP

If you own a relatively small website, then your FTP activities can be beautifully taken care of by OneButton FTP. All you have to do is configure your browser with OneButton FTP, and you are set to work on it.

It has one of the simplest of all user interfaces. All you need to do is drag and drop the files into the OneButton FTP window to transfer them from the physical to the remote storage and vice versa.

You can also put your files in a queue if you want to download them later at your convenience. It makes it perfect for users with a prolonged internet connection.

Check out OneButton FTP

Did you find the best free Windows FTP clients according to your needs in the above list? Are you using any other best Windows FTP clients? If yes, do let us know, and we can include it in our list of best free Windows FTP clients.

What does an FTP client do?

FTP or File transfer protocol is a software utility connecting host and client computers. It allows transferring files between them over a TCP protocol or internet connection.

Is FTP Secure?

No. If you want to use secure FTP, you will need to use SFTP protocol which offers end-to-end encryption, so no data is stolen. While FTP is safe, SFTP is better.

Does Windows support FTP?

Yes, it does, and it can access the FTP server using command prompt or Windows Terminal or directly through the File Explorer. You will be prompted for username and password when connecting through File Explorer.


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